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Library: Attack!


Author: pyggins
Date:Dec 20 2008

.Flee!  Flee!  Put sticky AOAs!  Oh my god going to wipe!.  These were
the cries of the troubled mudder as he participated in yet another ragtag eq
party made up of misfits and barely suited members.  He takes a long pull from
his dark imported stout as he finally starts to relax and decompress from a
long troubled winter day.  **rustle rustle**  **rustle rustle**   .Hmm, that.s
odd.  Where.s that sound coming from?.  He wondered aloud.  **scamper rustle**
 He cocks his head as he realizes that the sound is coming from above his
head.  .Just great.  I think there.s a mouse in the ceiling..  He waits for
the next regen break and hops up to run and find the rodent bait from the
garage.  After moving aside a few ceiling tiles from the drop ceiling, he
throws a few pieces of poison and traps in the ceiling.   .I.ll just leave
this open so that I can check it out tomorrow..

The next evening arrives and the troubled mudder retreats to the basement for
another late evening of escape into the world of Batmud, the scampering sounds
of the previous night were long forgotten.  He loses himself in the fictional
world and grinds out a few megs of exp.  Suddenly, he feels a chill climbing
his spine and has that nagging feeling of being watched.  He glances over to
the adjoining room and sees HUNGRY EYES!!   The angry raccoon hisses and looks
down hungrily from the hole left by the missing ceiling tile.  The mudder
feels trapped.  .I hope this thing doesn.t have rabies..  He rises from his
chair and slowly edges toward the stairs, gaze locked with the creature,
praying/waiting/expecting to feel claws and teeth on his neck as he passes
underneath.  He gives in to the rising panic and takes off up the
stairs.stumbles.falls...gets up.runs again.  He SLAMS the door shut and

Do I shoot it?  What if I miss?  Do I try to knock it from the ceiling and
beat it?   He eyes the kitchen counter for ideas and settles on the large
knife.  .I.ll stab the bastard..    He grabs the knife and slowly edges down
the stairs.  He peeks into the room and sees eyes shining in the darkness. 
Time slows down as the frightened mudder prepares for action.  

Pyggins is a level 100 angel.
He passed away on December 19, 2008 due to a valiant battle with an angry
mutant raccoon.  May he rest in peace.
He was last on Thu  Dec 18 08:44:03 2008 (2d, 4h, 3min and 28s ago).