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Library: Mind Garden


Author: merja
Date:Jan 10 2009

Digging, digging
Dig it up
Dig yourself an eight-deet long,
Dig yourself a four-feet wide,
Dig yoursel a six-feet deep,
Inside for one hour you shall sleep.

Craling, rawling
Crawl out now.
Crawl yourself into a desk,
Scrawl yourself into a paper piece,
Scrawl ink of what you dislike
Inside of one hour you shall write it all
About all things dark; you hate yourself.

Throwing, throwing
Throw it away, into the grave.
Throw your negativity away,
Through the papers deep down
Throw your darkness out
Take the shovel and fill the hole.

Changing, changing
Change your mind.
Change yourself to be positive
Change your self and cultivate truth (trust)
Inside your heart accept self-love.

Your mind garden reflects of you.