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Library: the tale of Darth Daddy and Jedi Brandon


Author: don
Date:Jan 31 2009

Bat Wars
The tale of Darth Daddy and Jedi Brandon

Darth Daddy stood on the deck of the Rouge Alliance as it orbited the planet
of Nexus Prime. His thoughts were on the distress message he had received the
day earlier. The message was cut short because communications were lost. The
distress message was from his son Jedi Brandon. Brandon had been training on
Nexus Prime for the next jedi trials. The planet was mostly covered in jungle
and was used as an outpost for trade and training by the jedi council. That's
what disturbed Darth Daddy about this call. Brandon should have been safe
there. Darth Daddy watched out the window of the Rouge Alliance as the shuttle
from the planet prepared to dock. Darth Daddy was a tall man with dark brown
hair and cunning brown eyes. He was sculpted from solid granite and had a heat
of pure gold. He was a man among men. No question, he was the ruler of his
realm. Darth Daddy reached out with the Force in an effort to find his son,
Brandon, but to no vial. Something just wasn't right. Princess Megan and
Ambassador Karey were to join him in his efforts to solve the mystery of the
distress call.  

Princess Megan and Ambassador Karey were to remain in the Rouge Alliance in
safety as Darth Daddy went to search for Jedi Brandon on the surface if Nexus
Prime. Megan and Karey were more the capable of holding their own but one
thing Darth Daddy didn't need was to worry about the rest of his family. As
the shuttle docked, Darth Daddy was standing out in the hall waiting for his
wife and daughter to arrive and be briefed on the events that lead up to today
from Karey and Megan. The hatch opened and Megan did a running jump into her
daddy's arms. "Daddy!" Megan cried out with delight as she flew through the
air. Pride and joy couldn't help but swell up inside of Darth Daddy whenever
Megan did that. Megan was a cute girl by all accounts. Her shoulder length
strawberry blond hair was slightly curled. Her deep green eyes sparkled in the
light. She was seven now and beginning to come into her own.  He greeted Karey
with a loving embrace for only a moment as no more time could be spared,
Brandon might be in trouble. Concern was etched on Karey's face as she
explained that Brandon went out into the jungle on a training mission when she
too had lost communications with him. As a loving father Darth Daddy tried to
comfort his wife but he knew deep down inside that things were not good. Darth
Daddy and Jedi Brandon were linked with the force unlike Princess Megan and
Ambassador Karey. Something he was grateful for. He knew that Brandon was okay
but he till sensed something was not right.

Karey was an ambassador for their home planet Unicor. She had flowing red hair
and emerald green eyes that radiated love and affection through out the room.
Her skin was silky smooth and when she touched Darth Daddy, he just melted
into a puddle on the floor at her feet. Karey's lips were luscious and Darth
Daddy couldn't help wanting to spend every waking moment with her. Darth Daddy
knew time was short so he started right in. "Tell me everything you know about
what's going on, what happened to Brandon down there?" he said. "All I know is
that Megan and I were preparing for our meeting with the Senator from Nexus
Prime when we received the same distress call you got." explained Karey. The
four of them shared the same radio frequency so communications were secure and
more open in the family. "It's not like him to end a transmission like that"
Karey said with concern. "Something must have happened."
"Daddy, Is Brandon going to be okay?" Megan asked with unease in her voice.
Darth Daddy knew that sharing his feelings now would only make matters worse.
"I'm sure he is all right. We all need a helping hand from time to time" he
replied. "I had better get going; it may turn out to be a long night for
Brandon if I don't get down there soon as the Sun is already at mid day."
Darth Daddy boarded the shuttle and left for the surface of Nexus Prime. At
the landing pad waited his faithful pet beagle, Sadie. Sadie was a medium
sized dog with long droopy ears and big brown eyes. Her fur coat was tri
colored tan, white, and black. Sadie bayed at the sight of Darth Daddy and
began wagging her tail. "Come on Sadie, lets go get Brandon" exclaimed Darth
Daddy. Sadie ran over to his side and followed along. What a great dog.

At the Jedi Temple, Darth Daddy learned that Brandon still and not returned
and was updated on his last known location. Master Okk told Darth Daddy that
things were not as they should be and that he could feel a tremor in the
Force. "Yes Master Okk, I too have felt it. Any idea of what might be going
on?" asked Darth Daddy. "The greedy Internal Revenue Service wants to tax the
residents of Nexus Prime for the supplies lift behind for other merchant ships
to pick up and transport to other planets. The people say that this is unfair
as they are not the ones using the supplies only storing them for later pick
up. The IRS says that any service provided requires at tax." said Master Okk.
"Your son may have stumbled upon a link in this uprising by the people of
Nexus Prime. Go and find the root of this problem and you may find your son
also. Go and may the Force be with you." 
As Darth Daddy was leaving the room Master Okk called out "Nice dog you have

Darth Daddy boarded his Land cruiser and headed toward the last known location
of Brandon in hopes of finding out more clues of the tax revolt and his son.
Sadie's nose sniffed the air as they traveled through the humid jungle. All
types of plant life grew in this overgrown garden of the gods. It was so thick
you couldn't see more the ten feet ahead of you. The jungle was probably the
reason that the Jedi council chose this place for training. It required you to
let go of you physical senses and rely solely on the Force for guidance
through the thick vegetation. Even with Sadie's keen sense of smell, she was
having a hard time picking up a trace or sent of Brandon. Darth Daddy brought
the Land cruiser to a stop and stepped off. He then began to reach out with
the Force attempting to find Brandon when Sadie howled in a deep long tone.
She had picked up a sent trail. "What is it girl?" asked Darth Daddy "What did
you find?" Sadie wagged her tail and dove off into the dense jungle howling,
yelping, and whining. Darth Daddy ran in after her and cheered her on to keep
her on the trail. About thirty yards down the trail was the remains of a
battle. Trees lay broken and scattered on the ground. Plants were cut to
shreds. Blast marks had scorched the soil and smoke lingered in the air from
the burning remains of the battle. Sadie began to whimper and started sniffing
around when Darth Daddy felt a tingle in the Force. Brandon was near, and he
was alive. He reached out with the Force trying to locate he son. Shutting out
all other things around him and letting the Force guide he's actions he could
feel his body move toward the thick vegetation on the outskirts of the debris
of the battle that had taken place here. Brandon was trapped under a fallen
tree and one of the branches had damaged his com link.
Brandon had short blond hair with sapphire blue eyes. He was seventeen years
old now and becoming quite the young man. He was semi unconscious. Darth Daddy
used the Force to lift the massive tree off of his son and bent down close to
his son and began to rouse him.  "Karey, I found him and he's going to be
okay, it looks like a battle took place as the surrounding area is completely
destroyed." Darth Daddy said into his com link. "Shall I send medical aid to
your location?" replied Karey. "No, he's coming to now. I don't sense any
broken bones and I have a first aid kit in the Land cruiser. It's getting dark
so we will set up camp here for the night." Groaning, Brandon woke up to Sadie
licking his face. "Are you hurt?" asked Darth Daddy "I have a first aid kit in
the cruiser." No, I'll be okay. I sure am glad to see you though." replied
Brandon. "The evil dictator of the IRS is trying to impose a storage tax on
the citizens of Nexus Prime. I over heard their plans of over throwing the
revolt as I was doing my jedi training here in the jungle. That's when Tyrant
Sirus attacked and I guess, trapped me under that fallen tree. I tried to call
but my com link was damaged." said Brandon. "Help me set up camp and we can
plan our next move over a bite to eat. I'm sure you're hungry after what has
happened." said Darth Daddy.;
 The Tyrant Sirus was a greedy fellow that only wanted total domination over
all the people by imposing heavy taxes to prevent any advancement of people's
lives and freedoms. To see the people wallow in anguish brought pleasure
beyond words to him. Taxes kept the poor deprived of any hope and the rich
stuck in middle class no matter how hard they tried to become independently
wealthy. No, no man should be independent. All men must to pay!;
All at the same time, Sadie began to growl and both Jedi Brandon and Darth
Daddy's Force senses came alive. Out of the other side of the battle ravaged
land leaped Tyrant Sirus with his red lightsaber drawn. "Now I have you both,
You played right into my trap!" hissed Tyrant Sirus with an evil grin on his
face. "You can't stop the tax collection on every planet in the galaxy Darth
Daddy. No man is that great. The Government needs revenue to survive and
continue to oppress its people." Said Sirus with a sneer as he did a double
summersault through the air and landed in front of the two jedi. Both Brandon
and Darth Daddy drew out there lightsabers and took a defensive pose preparing
for the oncoming attack. "Freedom is for all men Sirus, not just the select
few. The oppression that you spread must come to an end. There is a place for
government but it's not to squash the hopes and dreams of its people." said
Darth Daddy calmly as he and Brandon took flanking sides to Sirus. "The people
of Nexus Prime have a right to live without you interfering in there lives
with pointless taxes." Sirus struck out with rage against Darth Daddy and
their sabers sparked. Sirus's red saber and Darth's blue saber created a
purple hue that lit up the evening sky. Sirus used a Force deflect on Brandon
stunning him just long enough to get out of the flanking maneuver and strike
at Darth Daddy again. Sadie ran around and bit into Sirus's heel causing him
to cry out in pain and break his concentration releasing Brandon who then
attacked at Sirus's other side. Brandon swung his orange saber through the air
in a tight arc crashing down against Sirus's saber and knocked Sirus onto the
ground. With Darth, Brandon and Sadie now advancing on him, he realized he was
no match for the three of them and summoned his ship, leapt aboard and
exclaimed "I will raise the taxes on Nexus Prime, You may have won the battle
against the IRS today but I will win the war. All men must to pay" "As long as
there is hope and dreams, there will be freedom" shouted 
Darth Daddy back at the departing Sirus. "There will be freedom that you can't
tax away!";
Back at the temple Darth Daddy and Jedi Brandon explained the plot to raise
taxes on Nexus Prime and attack to Master Okk who nodded knowingly. "Yes
Darth, we must continue to protect the innocent people of Nexus Prime from the
Tyrant Sirus and his attempts to crush their hopes and optimism for a free
planet ruled by the people for the people." explained Master Okk "We must not
let down our guard for one second or all we have fought and died for will be
lost forever".

Back On the Rouge Alliance Daddy, Brandon Karey and Megan set out to return to
their home onthe planet Unicor knowing the fight for freedom was won today but
the battle would continue for generations to come. The End.