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Library: Origins of the Realm of Bat, pt I


Author: alakhai
Date:Feb 15 2009

  In the beginning, there was void. Infinite non-existance, which in its' own
impossibility collapsed and then exploded. The explosion triggered a chain of
events which in an unimaginably long timespan led into creation of the world
as we know it. 

  Drifting in the astral dust a consciusness was developing. At first it was
in a deep slumber, but then it woke up: A deity was born.

  The deity looked around and saw nothing. Then he began to wander around the
space, searching for something, anything. What exactly, he didn't know. After
a long, resultless search he understood that he was alone, and he wanted to
change that. He started gathering more astral dust and then shaping it. He
created a planet which he surrounded with stars to spread light on it.
Exhausted and satisfied from his work, he decided to take a rest, and went to

  After a long sleep, he woke up, realizing that his work was far from
complete. The world he had created, was still empty, and yearned for life. But
to create a perfect combination of forms of life, he needed some help. So, he
had a child. A beautiful daughter, whom he named Lumine. When admiring his
child, he understood that he needed a name of his own. He named himself Jaf.

  Jaf presented his world to his daughter Lumine, and gave her a task. She was
supposed to bring life on it. Lumine went to work. She created a complex and
perfectly balanced combination of lifeforms, which she called the circle of
life. Each creature had its' own place and meaning.

  Jaf saw his world filled with life and he was proud, but this was not
enough. He wanted something more, not just mindless critters but a real
population of creatures who would continue his work, building the world and
shaping it to perfection. He considered this to be such a challenging task, he
decided to have two more children who would be completely different from each
other, to ensure the wide range of creation. He gave birth to twin brothers
Aveallis and Draen-Dalar, and different they were! Yin and yang, light and
shadow, day and night, competing and completing each other. While Aveallis was
calm and peaceful, Draen-Dalar was aggressive and energetic, challenging his
brother in everything he did. Jaf saw this, and gave Lumine a new task: Her
job was to watch over her younger brothers, and maintain balance between their
creations. After this, Jaf went to sleep again.

  At first, Lumine let her brothers act freely. What ever Aveallis created,
Draen-Dalar created a counterpart for it, thus resulting in a perfect balance.
But after a while, Draen-Dalar grew frustrated. He realized that creating just
counterparts wouldn't lead into anything. He considered creation a game, and
he wanted to beat his brother in it. So he went hiding, and in his hideout he
began to create new, chaotic beings with only one purpose: to destroy
everything Aveallis had created. Lumine saw this, but still she wanted her
brothers to be able to settle their scores by themselves. So, she warned

  For the first time, ever-calm Aveallis got furious. Furious for his brothers
ignorance for their mission, how he could be so selfish that he would risk
their father's work just for his own amusement. He went after his brother, and
ignoring the chaotic creatures attacked the creator himself. But Draen-Dalar,
being as cunning as only he could be, had prepared and even hoped for this
kind of reaction. For Draen-Dalar knew that he and his brother were one.
Despite of their opposite polarities they were equal in power and the
difference between them couldn't be made on the astral level but on the earth,
by their mortal creations. So, as Aveallis attacked on the astral level,
Draen-Dalar launched his own attack on earth, behind his brother's back.

  While the battle of the Gods was going nowhere, on earth the war of mortals
was heading to destruction of Aveallis' creations. Draen-Dalar's chaotic
minions were created for one purpose only, to destroy, and so they were far
more effective in battle than their peaceful opponents. Lumine saw this, and
she realized her precious balance was crumbling down. Warriors of chaos
weren't just destroying their enemies, but the nature itself was suffering.
Earth was weeping, and this troubled Lumine. For the first time, she decided
to take a part in her brothers' feud, and sided with Aveallis for the sake of
balance. But Lumine had no power to destroy, she could only create. So, she
created the sun. 

  Lumine knew that Draen-Dalar's monsters were born beneath the surface of
earth and that they could withstand the light of stars just barely. The light
of the sun was too bright for Draen-Dalar's army, and his warriors were losing
their powers and even their sanity. They stopped fighting and tried to crawl
back to caves, some were even ripping off their own eyes to be able to avoid
the painful light. Draen-Dalar was enraged by his sister's actions and
attacked her. But the sun had another effect, of which none of the three
siblings couldn't foresee. Disturbed by the sudden light, their father woke

  Jaf opened his eyes and and saw his children fighting each other. He then
disguised himself as a bat to hide from his children and wandered in this form
on earth to observe it. He was infuriated when he saw his precious world in
ruins. He roared in rage, and his roar stopped time. For the first time,
siblings were terrified. Jaf decided to lay a punishment on each of his
children. He created the moon, and imprisoned his two sons in it. Aveallis on
the other side, Draen-Dalar on the other. Then he set the moon to slowly spin
around so the brothers would have to watch the earth in their turns,
helplessly from their prison.

  When Jaf turned at his daughter, he understood that she had only tried to
maintain the balance, and in the end had done nothing wrong. But still, she
had failed and because of that, the earth was in ruins. He decided to let
Lumine create one more being before she was sent in the sun for her own
imprisonment. That being was supposed to be neutral and concentrate on
rebuilding the earth. To ensure that, they would have to be weak and live only
a short period of time so they wouldn't have neither capabilities nor time to
fight. Lumine created humans. After that, Jaf sent her to sun where she, like
her brothers, could only observe the earth. Then he set the earth to orbit and
rotate around sun so amounts of light and darkness would be in balance.

   End of Part I