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Library: Crayola -vs- Welwood Part II


Author: Welwood
Date:Sep 13 2002

Dear Mr. Welwood Cuteness,

We appreciated your enthusiastic letter detailing the new colors that you
would like for us to consider. Unfortunately, none of the 69 colors that you
suggested were anywhere near appropriate for our targetted market. Please
understand that the Crayola Co and it's related products are targetted towards
families with small children and as such we could not possibly even consider
even one of the "colors" that you mentioned. 

I would also thank you in advance for not sending us any other suggestions as
I was personally offended by most, if not all, of the "colors" that you
suggested. I would hope that you would personally think of getting some
professional advice in regards to the seemingly adverse reaction that many of
your "colors" names indicate you have towards women, black men, homosexuals
and "suomi". As I mentioned the last time you wrote me, I have no
understanding of what a "suomi" was, nor why it must be "pink" in your eyes. 

Thank you again in advance for not contacting me.

Thomas Wright, Vice President of Marketing

Crayola Inc