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Author: zumbalo
Date:Feb 19 2009

Happened of wed Feb 04 and time was 23:18:52 2009;"BatMUD main server (running
the game) experienced a Solid State Disk -related hardware failure,
simultaneous with two other smaller, undisclosed calamities. Due to the
predominant circumstances, we were only able to restore the game to the state
of yesterday's (Tuesday) backup; so you've lost a full day's worth of hard
play (or your character, if it was only created today). To celebrate our
'speedy recovery' we've temporarily installed IMMUNITY TO PERSONAL & GLOBAL
EXPERIENCE-TUNES for all players, for the duration of next two (2) days,
effective until Friday, 23:59 EET." This was loan from Batmud Inform's.

I was pionicist channeller with 10 level mage base guild and 10 level
innercircle.98 levels total. So there was a huge chance to make a lot of
experience in a short time. Every monster was in excellent tune and there was
no matter how many times you killed same monster, it still was a lot of
experience. I took 3 offensive tank and healer to my party and started to lead
exp party. First i was in rothriken. My typical areas where i lead experience
at Continent of Rothrigen are King eowyns land, Tundra, Village of Aldor,
Donaru, Perilous forest, Snow peaked mountain, Dark forest, Mirkhold,
Horseheaded mountain, Hazaram tower, Norse village, Kintril Church, Amberley
mansion, Inn of four winds, and Perilous forest. When that "exp tune" was on
it was no matter what monsters you killed. The best ones were monsters that
usually are very bad tune. Like litle animals from King eowyns land.
Owls,woodpeckers,bunnies,tortoises were litle bit under or over 20k of
experience. Normally those are something like 2-5k of experience. Those areas
who were normally in good tune was not so good experience areas while
experience tune was on because they are almost always a lot experience while
killed. So i ran through Rothrigen with 5man party and after Rothrigen i had
something like 90k experience/minute rate in my party. 

After roth i traveled to Laenor's continent. The best areas there was again
areas which normally are raped several times per days. Raven guards, troll
cave, mountain dwarfs, chessboard, mist, amazons, bigeaul,mithil,urvile
tree,revelstone and many other area was a great experience.  After Laenor i
remember the experience/minute rate was still over 80k. Dont remember how much
time we spent in Rothrigen and Laenor but i remember it was something like 3-4
hours. After Laenor i took a litle brake and after brake i took new tanks and
healer and i Raped Laenor again. This time experience rate/minute was over
100k after laenor. Again with 5 man party. It felt litle bit stupid to run
same areas but every monster was in lot experience so i did not matter. I did
not raped Laenor third time (with same party). I went to lucentium after
laenor. Great central desert, Valley of the kings, Duzeltown, Catfolk tree,
Dahbec was a great experience. There was few more litle areas too. But i raped
Those areas 3 times with same party with 100k/minute rate. Well i had nice
tanks. 3 Spawn hitter. One was Sabre bard aelena. One was reaver kharim spider
and third was tiger tzarakk spider. Everyone of them hitted atleast 10 times
in 1 round. Usually more. Clawer was good and i was able to transfer spell
points to him every time he ran out of spellpoints. I used only conjurer prots
and mindseize. Few times paralyze for big monsters.

After lucentium i took a trip to furnachia. Elven outpost, reaver catacombs,
perins, kutanakor, brantis area and few invidual monster therefrom from there.
Was in good tune. Made perins 2 times with same party. After furnachia i
tested desolathya too. There was lot of good experience areas too. Ferry
guards/shopkeepers, calythien, brimshire, tarackia, tinmens, sunderland,
dunamor atleast. But i dont like so much of desolathya so i ented my party.
Those all was killed on thursday. At friday i collect a party members again
and ran through continents again. I made almost 15 million of experience
points in those 2 days. It was funny. Thanks to archwizards who gave those
immunitty to poersonal and global experience-tunes. Also thanks to to solid
state Disk -retated hardware failure because it was the reason for that
tune.;Zumbalo RAUTAVARSI is a level 96 eternal of the Lich race.