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Library: The Flooding Incident


Author: stargazer
Date:Feb 28 2009

From the memoirs of Stargazer, before the change around 6th day of the 6th
month in year 717.

Chapter one: The journey to Batcity.
I had heard the rumours about new volcanoes and sudden floods from all over
the batrealm, but back then I couldn't believe it, and that's because I'm very
distrustful towards everyone else.

Because of that, I had to see those volcanoes and those floods with my very
own eyes. I decided to travel to Batcity, so it meant a long travel along the
road (all roads lead to batcity, they say). I head towards west from my that
time resident (back then I had many residents around the Batrealm, because I
had many lovers, and those lovers have nasty husbands). So I traveled west,
and came to a new lake near the anthill, this really was a shock to me.

So now I had to believe some of those rumours. I was getting hungry, so I
grapped my fishingpole and started to fish on the shore of this new lake, but
unfortunately I was also bit tired, and I slept bit too long. I awaked to
pulling coming from my fishpole, but that was already too late, my fishpole
fly straight into the lake, this depressed me, and the hard rain wasn't
helping at  all either. So I was still hungry and  becoming drenched, so what
can a bard do in that thing but cast few kings feast and fill his stomach with
pixie food and ale.

After I had my stomach full I decided to continue my journey towards batcity.
But I didn't need to walk too far to find another of those rumours, a volcano
had erupted near the zebell's (the place where they worship that snow dog),
and there was also a new mountain near the volcano. The road was partly gone
with lava flows and maybe with some earthquakes. So I had to cross the now
gone road  with ropes, trees and bit of magic here and there.

When I gotten myself to the other side of the road, the other side was still
mostly intact so I could continue my journey towards batcity. It was becoming
night so I hurried my travel and when I got myself to cornfields I decided to
camp there, but this time there wasn't anyone else to camp, usually there had
been many happy campers. I made a myself a somekind of shelter where to sleep
and campfire to dry up my clothes.

I awaked in the morning, and the sky was still as depressing as it had been
few last weeks. But I couldn't just stay here and wait so it would become
clear sky, I had to continue my travel. Trip to Ocp was pretty dull, there
wasn't anyone else using the road but me, maybe other people were bit smarter
than me and decided to rest inside their houses and warming up near the
fireplaces. The rain drenched me again, and I was really dripping water when I
got to Ocp.

There was only that last trip from Ocp to Batcity, and because Ocp didn't have
anything to offer me so I just continued my travel to Batcity. Crossed the
river when that troll was sleeping and bit later I was at the Batcity's south
gate. Paid the entry fee and I was inside of Batcity.

Chapter two: Gathering up information.
When I had gotten myself inside to the biggest commercial city in batrealm I
though I will need some information what is happening inside the city, and
what's happening outside the city. I had to thought very hard very to go
first, and I decided to go to Club Sarnath, It was in northeastern quadrant of
batcity, so going there isn't always perfectly safe, but this time it was.

So I got myself inside to Club Sarnath and started to mingle with other
people, bought few drinks so I might even look bit drunk and like a regular of
the club. I saw two odd fellows in a table, and there was free table near
them, those fellows looked like mages of somesort, and usually mages know very
much what is happening in the realm. I went to that free table drinked bit
more of my drinks,  and leaned carefully back so I could listen those fellows
conversation and here's something what I can recall from that conversation:

Mage one "The flooding is going as we've planned."
Mage two "Also those volcanoes are raising nicely and spitting lava and ash to
Mage two "Have you heard what are those archwizards planning?"
Mage one "Nope, they haven't told me anything about their plans, I think they
don't trust me. What have you heard then?"
Mage two "I happened to hear something concerning about some cities, but I
didn't quite manage to understand what they were speaking."
Mage two "Although I think they were lifting those cities into new places, but
I'm not completely sure."

(And now that I'm writing these memoirs, I do realize that those two were
wizards of the batrealm, but can't figure out who they were.)

I waited until they left their table and after that I went to mingle bit more
and tried to catch a few good rumours, but I hadn't anyluck with rumours. I
had to go to inn and rent a room for that night. I awaked next morning to
shouts coming outside the inn, not the way I want to awake, but couldn't sleep
anymore. I dressed up and ate some breakfast, went outside and then there was
a sight that really shocked me.

Guards were building barricades at the gates and into few roads, and those
guards said "It's for Batcity's safety, for your safety." I have never liked
when people say like that, but I couldn't do anything about it, so I just went
and talked with other folk that day. In one of these conversations I heard
that Reddist the lord of Reavers is planning something, but the fellow who
told me that, didn't know anything else of Reddists plan.

Chapter three: The Batcity's riot.
I went to see Reddist, but he wasn't alone, not a surprise though. There were
about half or more of Batcity's denizens, and Reddist was holding a speech of
somesort. He was agitating the masses, and he didn't need to agitate the
people too much, they were already angry enough thanks to weather and those

After Reddist had agitated the people enough they wanted him to lead them and
do what was needed to be dome, but well what do those people do usually then.
They set some buildings into fire, robbed some of those poor merchants, mugged
few fellow citizens who weren't following Reddist and were speaking against
him and them. Also mugged some guards, and maybe few guards lost their life
also, but I can't tell for sure.

Guards really didn't have a chance against the citizens or Reddist, they were
outnumbered and decided to hide inside the police station. Can't really blame
them, the people really needed to let out some of those pressures, and Reddist
gave them a nice chance for that. I just followed them and let out some of my
own frustration. 

Suddenly something happened, and even know I don't know what it was, maybe a
magic of somesort from those mages or from the gods of Batrealm. But after
that people calmed down, and went back to their homes and even Reddist went
back to his residence. I didn't go back to inn, I went to post office.

When I got myself into post office and asked if I could send a message to one
lady in shadowkeep. But the officer said it wasn't possible atleast not yet,
Because they hadn't had any post wagons in the city, those wagons were sent
before those barricades were built, but none of those wagons had come back to
the city. They also said that they fear we might have lost contact to other
major cities, including Shadowkeep. These news depressed me a lot, I had
planned to be at Shadowkeep in this weeks end with the forementioned lady, who
was one of my lovers back then.

Chapter four: Loriel.
That post office trip really depressed me. And my crotch had an itch once
again, so I first went to whore house, but there wasn't anyone there. That
made me even more depressed, so I head to central square, and there I saw her;
Beautiful elven woman.

I went near to her, but not near as I would had wanted to go. There was lot of
people listening some ackward preacher of sort. That person looked maybe a bit
shady, and he was preaching about end of the world, and that only their
religion can save the  world, and those who are with them. That elven woman
seemed to be interested of that preachers sermon. I had to listen the whole
sermon, so I could speak with her.

She told me that her name is Loriel, and I introduced myself to her. She also
told me that she was in the Laenor Cult. And stupid me who didn't listen at
all that preacher had to ask "in what?". She giggled and asked me if I had
listened at all that preachers speak. I said "No. I was enchanted by your
beauty." She smiled and asked if I'd want to hear it again, this time told by
her, what could have I said? but to say Yes.

We went to this cults resident in Batcity and she told me what was this cults
thing, and this time I listened. Although I couldn't quite understand if they
worshipped some person, god or something. But at that time it didn't matter, I
was with her. So I asked her if she was with anyone or not, and she said no,
she wasn't with anyone, but would like to be with me. I was shocked at first.
I'm not the best looking guy, but I've had some luck with women, but this one
was more than met the eye.

Bit after that moment I joined the cult, and Loriel and I was married. And now
years later I'm writing my memoirs and fireplace is warming my house, and
Loriel and I are still living together, and we have two children, a boy and a
girl. But now I think I'll end this part of my memoirs.