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Library: Seed of Eeman (for Jelaluddin)


Author: merja
Date:Mar 7 2009

O Jaanam, you are my seed of Eeman!
You are my Star that always shines
The kiss when dawn brings your moonlit eyes
Soft your whispered words care and protect
And the children of hope, without neglect
We sow a seed and get what we get.

How beautiful the dream when I see you there,
How peaceful the future of ideals and visions shared.
Mate for life my eye was every on you, O Sanam,
In my arms, beloved child, do you belong.
The first love story that was ever told was ours
The untouched kiss consumed by sacred powers.

In a distant war on a foreign shore,
God guides the way of faith and love,
There exists not a stone in the sea
That would keep you from me,
For the Seed of Eeman has been named aptly.