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Library: Let Fall The Perfect One's Moonlight Upon Your Cheek


Author: merja
Date:Mar 7 2009

Be not blind to how your Brother lacks in faith,
For falsehoods are like hidden mirrors.
Every night the great moon rises.
Every day the sun warms his cheek.
He lives, he breathes, he eats.
Alhamdulillah, say la ilaha il-Allah 100 times.

O Brother, do not tell my mind to be still
But give peace unto my heart.
My Brother, who knows the loss of love,
For you have yourself been there before.
Heart's will is sharp and waiting,
The dagger poised reflects the knife in light,
O Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, be right,
Speak now your Kalimat, O Brother,
And say la ilaha ill-Allah 100 times.

Far continents and worlds exist
So keep your Brothers nigh.
Wander in peace the path together,
Go in strength, grow in courage,
Disregard briars and rough stones,
Be your Beloved Brother's bright eyes
When blind he sees not the great chasm in the dark
As brave heart, he tries endlessly to reach you.
Ihklaas Iman, la ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadan abduhu wa Rasul-Allah.
As-Sifaat ath-Thurbutiyya: Hayaat, Ilm, Sam, Basar, Qudra, Iraada, Kalaam,
(Sincereity Faith... attributes: Life, Ominiscence, Hearing, Seeing,
Omnipotence, Will, Speech, Creativity.)