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Library: The Book of Nazrix (Vol. 1, Prologue)


Author: nazrix
Date:Mar 18 2009

The United Mortal Government, led by President Nazrix, is releasing the first
of a Trilogy on April 1st, 2009.

Vol. 1: The Book of Nazrix: Legends and Fate

This book will describe the harrowing rise of Nazrix and the United Mortal
Government (UMG) and the many trials and tribulations these heroic entities
fought to protect the freedom of all mortals.  The book shall include a full
accounting of the Archwizard traitors, wizard traitors, and mortal traitors of
the 2nd Archwizard Wars, as well as a recounting of important battles and
engagements of The United Mortal Government (UMG) forces led by President
Nazrix, against the evil Archwizard Durand.  The book shall also tell of the
current situation of Chief Administrator Zonni, and the coup to usurp
democracy even among the Archwizards.

Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 will follow shortly after

REMEMBER: April 1, 2009!!! Available from United Mortal Government (UMG)