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Library: The Adventure of Azura


Author: azura
Date:Apr 23 2009

There once was a dragon who ate Lumpy alive,
Azura decides to go and save the knight.
now the dragon lives in Mt. lullaby.
and it shall not be an easy hike.
Into the forest the beautiful Azura rides,
some bandits jump out with malice and spite.
the bandits says, give me your gold and you shall go by.
and so they fight.
The bandits numbers many, but none are too bright.
One by one, they die.
after the fight The brave Azura stands victorious, and says,
"I'm coming, my Knight"
and she continues to Mt. Lullaby.

Look at the lovely Azura go.
Riding like the wind along the road,
and out jumps a troll.
The ugly stinking troll demands a toll.
Azura being broke, they had a rumble.
The troll is strong and bold, like a train that burns coal.
and the slender Azura has to spin, dodge and roll.
Just as Azura is going to become a dead soul.
The clumsy troll trips on an egg roll,
thus impaling it's brain on a pole.
Not shaken by the sight, Azura leisurely strolls to her goal.

The day have gone by, and Mt. Lullaby is in sight.
In the distance a bird flies into the night.
Suddenly, a warning is given by a friendly sprite.
That's not a bird. That's the dragon Mike.
Whomp, the magnificant dragon lands, what a sight!
The dragon asks, What do you want, little tyke?
tell me, I won't bite.
Azura exclaims, "I'm here to save my noble knight"
Dragon said, "but I have already eaten him alive.
Hearing this, Azura left and lives a happy life.