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Library: Battle Against the Moondragon


Author: desert
Date:Apr 11 2009

Around ten of Gods' years ago, I was still a youthful, adventurous healer
relatively new to the realms of Bat. Along with my closest friends, a society
sometimes referred to as Camelot, I attempted to explore every nook and cranny
of the island we were living on. These days only very few people of the
society still remain, but back in those days Camelot was an active group of

Already quite a while ago we had heard of a horrible, nearly unkillable
monster living inside a cave in the Lonely Mountain in the northern part of
the realm. We had heard stories of a Moondragon called Kizarwexius who could
only be summoned during a full moon. We had also heard of the sharp, acid
dripping axe the dragon carried, as well as a beautiful ring made entirely of
pure, shining moonlight. We knew that task would be difficult, but with
determination and a clear mind, Morglum and myself headed towards the nothern

We found the caves without problems since we had already visited the caves
earlier and memorized the location. We started exploring and studying the
interior of the cavern, wondering about the many doors and weird gadgets
inside the caves. Looking for clues on how to reach the inner sections of the
cave and how to actually summon the dragon, we spent a good two three days in
the darkness inside the mountain. Finally on the third day after our arrival
we had mastered the ritual of summoning. Now we only had to wait for the full

When the full moon was almost upon us, our daring group of adventurers headed
towards Lonely Mountain. The party consisted of myself, a druidic healer,
Asolo and Bleezuz, both powerful magicians, Skie, a psionic mage, Tonto, a
templar healer, and Morglum, a brave defender of the crimson brigade who was
also the leader of our group. When we arrived, we quickly proceeded through
the ritual of summoning, since we saw the full moon already up on the sky as
we entered the caverns. Soon a terrible roar of the dragon filled the cave and
terror started to slither into our hearts - maybe we were not ready for such a
challenge yet.

However, we quickly recovered from the initial fright, and ventured inside the
inner sections of the dragon's cave. It did not take long before the dragon
ambushed us. The first battle did not go well. We did not have a clear idea of
the dragon's capabilities, except that we had heard about its ability to
destroy armour worn by the adventurers. The first acid rain took us by
surprise, as did the small army of skeletons the dragon seemed to be
commanding. But little did we know that the biggest obstacle in defeating the
dragon was not its powerful spells, not the legion of undead warriors it was
summoning, not the nasty old bones of fallen warriors littering the cave
floor, making us stumble and fall down, and not even the limited time of the
full moon we had to slay the dragon. No, the biggest challenge was found
within our very own party...

You see, we should have known better. We should have realized that one of our
members was not up to the task at hand. The biggest problem we faced,
obviously, was Tonto the Templar. To say that Tonto is pretty much thick as a
brick would be a major understatement. Of course we knew that Tonto's ability
to react to changing circumstances was next to non-existant and his inability
to lead parties was nothing short of legendary. But since he was a nice guy 
and a good friend of ours, often making us laugh with his crazy antics, we
decided to take him with us. Besides, we  figured that a templar healer would
be a strong asset in the fight against the Moondragon. But again, we should
have known better. Here is a short example of Tonto's brilliant situational

Kizarwexius shouts 'Thanks Asolo, I still need 5k for next level!'
Info: Asolo dies.
Asolo dies.
Ghost of Asolo [party]: Asolo is no longer stunned!
Morglum [party]: GET THE HELL OUT OF THE CAVE!!!
Morglum [party]: go out
Morglum [party]: GET THE HELL OUT OF THE CAVE!!!
Morglum [party]: GET THE HELL OUT OF THE CAVE!!!
Morglum [party]: GET THE HELL OUT OF THE CAVE!!!
Tonto {party}: so I guess I'll just stay here since I have no idea where I am

So, he died. We all died. We died a lot. But stubbornly we kept going back,
praying each and every time that Tonto would not do anything too stupid like
run in the wrong direction or, I don't know, start wearing pants on his head
in sheer retarded glee. But slowly, we managed to deal quite a few heavy blows
in and the dragon was showing signs of the damage we had done. We were able to
defeat the leader of the dragon's undead army and we kept battling the dragon,
while at the same time coming to the realization that the time was running
out. The full moon was almost gone and along with it the dragon would vanish
as well. We estimated we had maybe five minutes left, but the dragon, while
already in bad shape, was still too strong to be defeated in such a short
period of time.

We were outside the inner section of the dragon's cave, regenerating and
casting protective spells. We were discussing whether to give up already or go
for one final run, despite the overwhelming odds. Morglum decided that we
would put our faith on the three mages, Bleezuz, Asolo and Skie, hoping that
one of them could channel an extremely rare burst of unseen energy into their
attack spells. Once we were all set and ready to go back, we knew we only had
three minutes before the dragon would fly away, mocking our feeble efforts.

So we ventured back inside the cave, determined to battle it out once more,
putting all we had into this final attack. After searching the caves for a
short while, we found Kizarwexius and started blasting. Unfortunately, the
rare 'unseen bursts of magic' were nowhere to be seen and the dragon was still
in bad shape, but nowhere near to dying. Then our psionic mage, Skie, got
lucky. With his tremendous psionic powers, he managed to devastate
Kizarwexius' mind and the dragon just stood there, paralyzed. Morglum realized
this was our final chance and shouted: 'We ain't leaving until one of dies and
it's gonna be you!

The dragon stood entirely paralyzed for a total of 15 rounds while we kept
blasting it with everything we had. Minor spell criticals here and there, the
dragon was near death before its mind cleared and it teleported away, like it
usually does. We had less than a minute. We knew it could be done and we made
a run for it. Turning a few corners, we found the dragon again and hoping it
would not yet have regained the magical energy to teleport again, we started 
blasting. This time, the dragon could not escape. On Asolo's second blast, a
massive death roar of Kizarwexius filled the cave and shattered our eardrums.
The Moondragon had perished.

Afterwards while splitting the loot, we were in for another surprise. Tonto
did NOT win the dice! It was inredible! We had been entirely certain that he
would win, as it was fairly typical that the 'weakest link' of the party was
the person rolling the dice the highest. But unfortunately it was only a minor
relief, because he was still second in the dice, grabbing the mighty axe
Morglum had had his eyes on. The bitter groans of Morglum filled the night air
as he proceeded back south towards the Capital City empty-handed. Tonto, on
the other hand, was heartily laughing the whole way back home, swinging his
beautiful new axe in the air while dancing in pure, unadulterated glee.