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Library: One Who Asks (Khwahanda)


Author: merja
Date:Apr 26 2009

One Who Asks, (Khwahanda)

O What has the moon wandered from the celestial
To sit upon the ocean shore and wash her face.
O But you certainly must have seen the miracle
And wondered why those tears there do trace.

Soft and gentle beyond the gate now walk in solitary
Hand in Hand with your lord stands your muse to discuss.
Yet none else see the hidden friend with you tarry,
So many have passed oblivious.

Tears of a woman transcends this to me
That taught the sweet song of love.
Laughter, smile, and kindness is she
Never ignored nor long departed from.

Once a child grew old and wise
And threw out all his toys.
Now he plays outside all day
The sun witness to all his joys.

Into the arms of the master she did go,
Like an abandoned kitten she will stay,
Curtained by the messenger's robes
Begging the heart of the unceasing on to whom she prays.

O What has the moon meandered from heaven
To wash her face of guilt and shame and grace
O But have you ever seen a miracle given
That the ocean has not also washed away?

In music of the Middle East and parts of North Africa, a set of pitches and of
characteristic melodic elements or motifs and a traditional pattern for their
use. It is the principle melodic concept in Middle Eastern musical thought and

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