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Library: the Adventures of Dreed the Terrible


Author: badhan
Date:May 24 2009

At a time, when our world was young, some of us might have not even seen the
light of day, a mere newbie wandered the lands, desperately seeking
adventures. His name was Dreed, a centaur black as the very depths of hell
where he claimed to come from. He was a dreadful centaur, already familiar
with the ways of Disciples of chaos, and has fought to gain enough experience
to join the ranks of another guild he heard about, the dreaded Slaves of the
Beastmaster. For years Dreed had dreamt about riding into a battle on a
flaming wyvern, spreading chaos and destruction and pillaging the villages of
Batverse for whatever treasures and women he might want.

He searched the depths of Disciple of chaos and found the joining place for
the Slaves of the Beastmaster, but to his awe, he could not learn any new
skills or spells there.
After agonizing for a while and cursing the gods he found out that the
Guildhall of Slaves of the Beastmaster is located somewhere outside of the
city Lorenchia. Dreed fastened his weapons to his belt, and set out to travel
to the docks to get a ride in a ferry to the wild continent of Lucentium. As
usual during the long ferryride, he fantasized about conquering nations and
ruling with an iron fist, commanding armies of fearless soldiers. As the ferry
arrived at the dock of Lucentium, brave Dreed started walking down the road to
his destiny, to be a rider of unimaginable monsters into the battle.

From a distance, he saw an entrance to a dark cave in the middle of a mountain
pass, had the moment of his destiny finally arrived? He bravely ventured
forward, into the cave and found a place sanctified for the dark god Azzarakk,
and he knew he had reached the right place. But for some reason, the dark god
did now answer to him, he could not advance in the ranks of Tzarakk. After a
bit of advice from an elder of his new guild, he found out that a sacrifice
must be prepared in order to advance, a sacrifice of the best kind. The corpse
of a living being he has slayed himself. 

Dreed welcomed the advice with open arms and set out to find a monster of some
kind from the wilderness outside the sacred guildhalls. After searching a
while, he came upon a wild jungle in which he found a monkey the size of a
house. He decided that this monkey indeed was worthy to be his sacrifice to
the almighty Azzarakk, and started the preparations for the battle. He
concentrated fiercely and turned himself into a feared spawn of chaos.
Tentacles flailing wildly he wielded his infamous polearm, Xormor the
Soulfreezer, and charged into mortal combat with little fear of his own life.
After scoring the first blood, Dreeds heart started to pound faster, indeed
this was what he was born for, torture and mayhem, death and destruction.
After several quick strikes with his tentacles and weapon, the monkey had
sustained heavy wounds, and was bleeding awfully. Dreed raised his weapon for
the final strike and off goes the head of the huge monkey. Dreed wiped his
weapon clean of blood to the fur of his dead foe and tossed the dead corpse on
his back. This was going to be a long walk. 

Arriving at the guildhall he dropped the corpse to the ground, performed the
ritual of sacrifice, and once again, prayed to Azzarakk for guidance. He felt
the Dark Lord smile upon him, as he advanced through the ranks of the Slaves
of the Beastmaster. So impressive was the sacrifice, that at one go he was
able to learn the ancient spell of calling a steed of tzarakk, the most
hideous and powerful spell which calls a demon of sorts from the underworld to
serve him as a steed into combat. He spend a while studying and training under
the watchful eye of Azzarakk, and finally was confident that he could summon a
steed so powerful and magnificent, that even the gods would tremor in terror.

He uttered the ancient words and made the required hand movements to complete
the spell. After a while a sudden cloud of mist arrived out of nowhere and he
could smell the sulphur and a sudden fear grasped his heart; might this
monster be too much for him to handle? The mist started to dissipate, and he
found himself sweating in sweet excitement to see his future partner in battle
to take shape. Suddenly his heart stopped for a second, as he saw a flash of
fangs. After a while, Dreed found him staring down an Anorectic Donkey, not
exactly the majestic beast he had in mind while chanting the spell Steed of
Tzarakk. Infact, being a Centaur himself, he wasnt sure if he was ment to
carry the blasted donkey around instead of riding it? Nevertheless, he saw a
fiery spark at the eye of the steed and decided that in time, this pathetic
donkey will grow into a menacing beast fit for a king! As they start their
adventure together, it is time to end ours. I hope you enjoyed this tale.