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Library: Isabelle's Diary aka Ancona backstory


Author: magiscus
Date:Jul 1 2009

Dear diary

It has been quite an eventful day. We finally visited the Anconas after all
those preparations for the trip.

The morning wasn't so nice as we had to get up with sunrise. Luckily our
cook had outdone himself with breakfast so father wasn't as cranky as usually
on mornings like that. Soon after the breakfast it was time to head for our
ship and the journey began. Weather was quite nice for the trip and my little
brother was his usual nuisance on the boat. I wonder how the sailors stood up
for all his questions but somehow they did. The wind was good though so by the
midday we saw the lighthouse tower and arrived to our destination.

Margareth was there to greet me and what a lovely sight she was on her green
dress. Of course count Maurizio and countess Anne were there also and their
boys Andreas, Philias and Manfred. Such a shame that Olof had to be on some
state business as usual. It would have been so nice to meet him also but the
count is pushing the boys really hard for different state and military

After the greeting it was time for the girl talk with Margareth as has
become a tradition already. Lot's of gossip, laughter and giggling ensued
while we walked around the manor. Everything would have been perfect except
for the bull incident. We were walking around the fields behind the manor
when all of the sudden a bull came charging towards us. Luckily we were just
next to the cow house and we managed to get inside in time for safety. The
peasants managed to calm down the bull while Laesa and Lorean kept us
company with their excited comments. That was enough excitement for us and we
decided to head inside through the croquet fields.

We met the rest in the dining hall and even grandpa Elmer was there to meet us
and entertain us with stories about his youth. Manfred and Philias had went
hunting the previous day so we had hares for dinner. Andreas was his sweet 
self again and I got many compliments for my new red dress. A travelling bard
Magiscus Magnificent made a merry tune about the Anconas. I wrote the lyrics
down and will add them to the end of this page. After that he and the local
minstrel entertained us for the night until it was time for us to head to the
quest house outside the manor and our hosts head upstairs to their rooms.

Yours as always,


Jolly Anconas

Just by the sea, a lovely manor sheens
A safe haven from the stormy seas
A place fit for even kings and queens
Ready to provide shelter. So be at ease.

Count Maurizio and Anne, his lovely wife
With their four sons and a daughter
All seven of them having a merry life
Always with a pig ready for slaughter

Take your horse, take your boat
Take a course towards this lovely port
By the fire you won't need a coat
So come a long whether long or short