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Library: The Bait Shoppe


Author: wintergreen
Date:Jul 1 2009

  The shadows slowly lengthened as the late July afternoon slid into evening.
A light haze hung in the air as the days heat gradually relented but still
clung tightly to ones body, bathing it in a damp sweat. 

  The house sat on a quiet side street mainly populated with other postwar
boom homes. The long years had brought many changes as each homeowner's dreams
were realized with porches and additions of all shapes and sizes. This home
had aquired at some point a full length veranda and a stand alone garage
situated alongside the dwelling towards the back. Its car port yawned open
invitingly, creating the impression of a deep dark cave whose recesses offered
shelter from
heat. The veranda offered more substantial relief in the form of an old couch
up against the wall beside a tired and well-used beer fridge. The couch was
currently occupied by two burly, bearded men drinking beer. Maybe bikers of
old but their strong frames had started running to fat agains the onslaut of
time. Nothing however, could dispel the aura of menace which hung around them
like the stink from their unwashed bodies. Their little piggy eyes squinted
out onto a world that seemed to fill them with constant displeasure.

  They were not the sole occupants of the veranda. A set of stairs facing the
street lead down to the unkempt lawn. Sitting halfway down the stairs was a
slim tomboy of a girl wearing tattered jean and an dirty shirt. Her youthful
innocence shone out from her face and did much to offset her unkempt
appearance. In front of her on the lawn stood a homemade sign advertising dew
worms for three dollars a dozen. The childish scrawl on the sign clearly
marked this as the young girl's endeavour. Undoubtedly the money earned from
sales and kind-hearted tips went to this needy young lady to purchase things
that average kids just took for granted. It would have been easy for her to
despair and give up, sullenly resigning to fate's unfair gifts in life. Yet
she perservered and made the most of her time while looking at the good side
of life and planning for a better future. As she did now, sitting patiently
with her elbows on her knees whilst cupping her cute elfin  face in her hands,
awaiting whatever gifts life might bring.

  The dusty yellow sports car slowed to a stop on the road out front of the
house. The driver was a husky handsome late teen accompanied by a lithesome
busty young blonde in the front seat. She was leaning towards the drivers open
window, eager to see what transpired between her boyfriend and the others. The
backseat had a solitary male passenger. Closer observation of him would reveal
that he shared the drivers same features and was undoubtedly his younger
sibling. He too seemed curious about the impending conversation and of the
drivers motives. His coy glances to the front of the girls shirt showed that
he was interested in far more.

"Excuse me miss, do you have worms?" the driver enquired in an earnest polite

"Yes I do mister!" the cheerful little girl replied, face brightening with

The drivers face transformed from almost placid good nature to an alert feral
grin as he almost tripped over himself in eagerness to deliver the next line.

"Well then you better see a doctor and get some pills!" he almost shrieked
before bellowing with loud laughter. 

  The blonde clutched his muscular upper arm to her chest and went into a
giggling fit, hiding her face in his shoulder. The younger brother sat
open-mouthed in the back seat, shocked by his older sibling's audacity and the
favourable impression it made on his date. Then he was pushed back into his
seat as the car quickly accelerated away from the curb into the dusk, trailing
derisive laughter in its wake.

  The little tomboys features remained frozen for a few moments after the cars
departure and then slowly fell into a grimace of pain. The men on the covered
porch remained still and silent, emanating cold fury. Teenagers could be very
cruel as they find their way into adulthood. However, vengeful children could
be imminently crueler still.

  A week later things were very much the same at the old house. The same two
men occupied the veranda while the tomboy sat on the steps luxuriating in the
end of another beautiful Muskoka summer day. Little did they know how perfect
it would turn out to be.

  Tke yellow car returned almost at the same time and the tableau was set for
a repeat performance. The players had changed this time though, the younger
brother was driving now and another teenage girl was seated beside him. The
rear seat was empty. He was on a first date and wanted to impress his young
lady friend with a display of wit. After observing the effect it had on the
cars previous passenger he figured it couldnt fail.

"Hey you got worms?" he called from the drivers window.

"Yeah" the child replied wearily with a trace of scorn.

"Well then ya better go see a doctor and get some pills!!! Ahahahaha" he
screeched triumphantly. Things were going better than he had planned. Over the
course of the week he had dreamt up some further refinements to his mockery.

"See ya later losers!" he screamed at the top of his lungs while extending his
left arm out the window with his index finger and thumb forming an L.
He then went to make his dramatic exit, popping the clutch and......stalling
the car.

  The car slowly rolled forward a few feet and stopped dead. All was silent.
With a knot in the pit of his stomach and heart beating wildly Kelad depressed
the clutch and turned over the engine. The starter cranked the engine smartly
for a few seconds but it never fired once. 

"Kelad quit fooling around and start the car!" his date hissed worriedly.

"I am I am!" he snapped a trifle hysterically as the car failed to start

  The figures on the veranda slowly got up and started ambling towards the
stairs. Kelad twisted the key again and again, cranking the engine longer and
longer as the battery started to wear down. But it was of no use. Both he and
the approaching men knew it wasnt gonna start. It was like he was trapped in a
bad nightmare that was unfolding at an unhurried pace. He was an unwilling
participant yet unable to change the inevitable course of events.

  Strong dirty hands seized him and pulled him through the open window. He was
paralyzed with fear, a dark stain spreading on the front of his pants.

"Leave him alone" his date shouted in a strangely husky voice.

Ignoring her they dragged Kaled up the driveway towards the open garage. The
tomboy capered around them excitedly giggling with glee. The girl got out of
the car and followed them.

"Dont touch me" she hissed while rubbing her body up against one of the burly
men. Her date's impending punishment oddly exciting her.   

  Kaled was too terrified to move let alone offer resistance as they tied him
down on the shop table. The little girl clambered up and straddled his chest
with her knees. A small galvanized pail was placed beside his one outstretched
arm. Beads of water were condensing and running down its cool surface.

He could sense its contents and already taste the bitter irony of the

"Would you like some worms mister?" the child said with a manevolent grin. She
reached into the pail and her hand reappeared holding a fistful of writhing
slimey dew worms.

"Nuh nuh nuuuh" Kaled blubbered, his eyes rooted on her upraised hand.

"Sure you would" she replied. Reaching out with her free hand she clasped his
nose, pinching the nostrils together. Kaled instinctively opened his mouth to
gasp for air and the little girl rammed the worms into it. Starving for air
Kaled was forced to swallow repeatedly to clear his airway.

"Hahaha, who's the loser now eh?" The tomboy's hand disappeared into the pail
again to return with more crawlers.

"Thats disgusting, take me away from here!" his date panted while he hands
were working ferverishly at the front of one of the mans pants. He picked her
up and went through a side door with her showering his neck with kisses.

  Kaled coninued to eat worms for a period of time. How long he could not
recollect nor wanted to. When the girls tactics failed the remaining man
offered him encouragement with a squeeze to his testicles. Eventually he
passed out and the torment ceased.

  Rough hands shook him awake. He came to with a yelp and slowly focused on
his surroundings. They had placed him in his car and he was alone.

"We'll keep yer bitch for awhile, she likes real men" the second man said.

"If ya can start yer car now ya can go, otherwise we got some more for ya".
"We'll keep yer bitch for awhile, she likes real men" the second man said.

"If ya can start yer car now ya can go, otherwise we got some more for ya".

  With bated breath Kaled turned the key. The engine roared to life on the
first try. Whimpering softly he pulled away from the house and drove
unsteadily down the street. Extreme nausea poured over him in waves. He had to
get to the hospital and see a doctor. Maybe they could give him something for
his condition.