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Library: Charred manuscript in your hand


Author: merja
Date:Jul 2 2009

You delicately pick up the charred manuscript in your hand and breathe
lightly. It is so ancient, and burned, yet there is something magical about
it, for the words remain with a special glow, despite the disappearance of the
original fabric material. You briefly wonder at the miracle, and then muse
about whether the words would get lost if they no longer have the physical
fabric bearing them in this world, the real realm? Why don't you stick around
a few millenium and discover your answer?

You notice two flowery scripts on the text and wonder if there was more than
one author working on it?

One Dusk, when Day became the Night
When Dawn's first rays turned into dark light,
The Moon she wore a fine red dress,
Covered in black lace, she looked her best.
Lovers walking the earth gazed in kind regard
Surprised by her glorious glow brighter than the stars.
Over her face, the most modest of veiled lace,
Over her long legs, the most modest of threads,
And over her arms, surrounded her clothed charms.
In the hours of the dark, she pondered her heart,
"Shams!" She cried out, searching about,
Realizing entirely her loneliness without
You, Sanam, Beloved of her Heart.
The Moon she is waiting, forever, for
You, Sanam, Beloved of her Heart.
Sparkling conundrum that you are,
XXXXXXX she loves you without part.

I would be there for you into the worlds end
I would be there for you until the sun descends
my xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx would never vanish
like the glow of the stars in the daylight banishes
like a firefly leading through the darkest nights
I would be your guide in the lonely nights
I would purify your mind with the wisdom
dampen your body with the ocean of lore
rise and make the spark of God come alive you from within
let XXXXX XXXXX us with the XXXXXXXXX of nafs
intertwine ourselves in the sanctity of love
my longing for you would forever remain pure
you are the one my heart dearly adores.

the sky wept one day, as it passed the time
it cried for lovers lost to the woes of the past
but it never shed tears for mine.

my love for you is like a raging sea,
she seeks, and moves, and comforts thee
like a mother of the deep, she bears thee
to and from your dearest love.
the sun smiled one day, as it passed the time
it smiled for lovers past the throes of woe
and it always smiled for you and for me.