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Library: L'Estranger Et Ami


Author: merja
Date:Aug 11 2009

the stranger once loved
comes closer to breath
than your own heartbeat
and in the darkness
his shadow you see
stretching before you
and afterwards too
long after night sets in.

the sweet scent of summer
passing upon night airs
whispers softly in your ear
telling of darker shades
cooling your skin
crystalizing your breath
under a pale, full moon
with you alone running
down an empty road
longing for love.

throughout the days
silence has set in
your eyes glamor lost
glossed from waiting
staring past passion
and choking dusty winds
carry your soul to die
without a single friend
you mourn alone,
the beloved once loved
flies away from you,
far into the land
where routine has passed
away into nothingness
with the scent of fresh pine
no shade stops the sun
from burning up your past
and bringing your happiness
at last.