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Library: Choose your path


Author: mallarch
Date:Oct 29 2009

Be careful where ever you are,
there might be a danger lurking
behind your arse.
Hiding behind long dark shadows,
might be a beast or some grimy creature.

You might want to carry some protection
with you to provide safety.
Like a shovel or a shotgun. Who might be
the next victim of the night,
no one can know. Do you want to die like a sheep
or to fight like a man? You'll most likely die
with loads of shit in your pants.

Bring the light to the dark world of Batmud
or wreak the havoc and be the top dog of chaos.
Heal away the wounds of the righteouss or 
Burn away the clothes of the weak.

The choice is now your yours, BUT SPORT THE WAR!
THE AGGRESSION! Be the bard with the biggest gun.

I say that hack and slash your way through
all your obstacles and think later. I've 
made my way through the rebirths and seen
the realm. Lived the life of a savage and 
been in the order of the holiest of them all.
There are millions of other ways to walk the
journey through the mortal path. So newbies
keep on doing experience and make your reputation
grow and some day you can be the greatest of them all.