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Library: The way of the Panda


Author: mallarch
Date:Oct 31 2009

Once upon a time there was a great Panda barbarian 
called Fertag.
When he was only 8 years old he knew that he was going
to be barbarian when he grew up. His father was a lazy
peasant and his mother died when she gave birth to him.
Fertag used to beat up every other kid in his village.
His greatest dream was to defeat Oogga some day.
Every day when sun came up behind the hills he went to
lift weights and run in swamps to build up his endurance
and strength. He made himself a training course which
consisted of sword training against wooden dummies, swimming
in a pond full of crocodiles, wrestling against grizzly 
bears and dragging wood logs in the forest.

His father was afraid because he was spending more time
on combat training than working on his plantations. By the
time he was eighteen he was the biggest and the strongest
man in their village. He decided it was time to leave home
and go after some adventures. After all he had to get some
hand-to-hand combat exercize against real warriors. He
took his fathers lumber axe and left his home, knowing that
he will never come back.

He wandered through wilderness to a dense very old looking
forest. It was a very scary place. He could swear that he heard 
the willows whispering to each other. He had a feeling that
someone was behind him. He knew this was the only chance to 
take down who ever was trying to ambush him by a quick turn
and a mighty swing with his old rusty axe. So he swung his axe,
but it just sliced through air, thats when he saw that his
opponent was there but he just was not tall enough that his
axe would've hit him. His opponent was an old bearded dwarf 
holding a big mithril axe. Fertag kicked his opponent in the
jaw so he was stunned for just enough time to swing his axe
through the little dwarfs skull. 

Fertag was pumped up with adrenalin and he danced around his
opponents corpse yelling loudly and stomping his feet. He
was happy because he got his first real battle axe from the
cold hand of a dead dwarf. He took a better look at the axe
it had a silvery plate attached to its side which read "Rolf".

He took his great loot with him and ran away from that awful
old forest. He saw that there was some muddy road just a
few hundred meters from the forest. He walked along the road
and after three days of walking he saw a big city which the road
led to. It was the great city of Shadowkeep. He went to the north
gate of the city and asked the guards if they happen to knew 
anything about the great horde of barbarians. The guards told
him the route to village of the filthy barbarians. 

When Fertag arrived to the Barbarian guild he knew that the
other barbarians were way more bigger and stronger than him.
There was no way he could just waltz his way to the leaders hut 
and challenge Oogga. So he swallowed his pride and joined
the Barbarians from the lowest rank of an 'animal'. Only the time
will tell if Fertag ever will make to his dream of being the
leader of the barbarian horde.