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Library: Morghib


Author: inferno
Date:Dec 17 2009

Once upon a time in the land far, far away. There was a village called
Therenabryja. In the village lived a lot of people, and they got their living
by selling handicrafts, wooden objects, animal skins, and animal meats. In the
village lived a woman named Margethe and a man named Breigh, who had tried for
many years to have children, but they hadn't succeeded in that. One beautiful
morning, The God appeared Margethen and Breighin and said "1 year after this
day, You'll have a boy-child." Margethe and Breight were wondering if they had
seen a dream or what ...

Margethe had a child years from that day. The boy was special, because his
hands were missing. However Margethe and Breight took the child with open arms
and gave him full of love. They gave the name of the boy Morghib. The other
villagers laughed at the boy and call names. They always shout at the same
time to the boy and his parents. Never his parents weren't paid attention to
others villagers. They loved their son, complete with all their hearts.

The years passed and Breigh taught his child to use his legs. Morghib learned
to do almost everything with his feet what normal kids did with their hands.
However, sometimes he had a really hard time when the other kids laughed at
him. He learned to ignore the other people and enjoy his life. He was a very
talented and learned to craft every shapes of objects from the wood.

It was a beautiful day, when it was Morghib's 10-year birthday. He celebrated
it with his family in their own house.  The Barbarians had planned attack to
the village in that day. The late of the night they were attacked to village
with swords and with a piece of torches. They were throwing burning torches
into the houses which were lit on fire. There were thousands of barbarians
which participated on the attack and many houses were burnt to the ground. 
Fortunately, the villagers were very skilled fighters. With luck and skills
they had stopped the barbarian attack and had killed all of the barbarians who
attacked the village. Almost all the villagers were killed. Morghib's parents
were also killed by barbarians. This almost broke Morghib's heart and the
recovery lasted many years.

It was a tough time for a young boy whose parents died. He was very talented
with his feet, and was able to make wooden objects. Chairs, tables, statues,
weapons ...all sorts of objects from the wood.  He was made his living for
selling items to villagers and traders, who paid a very well. He gathered the
reputation and good name around the country, when the merchants went other
villages and sold items made by Morghib's.

Despite the fact that Morghib was so skillful, the villagers were still
laughing and shouting at Morghib. He was so different from the other
villagers. Day after day, others villagers laughed. Morghib had learned to
ignore this over the years. The god didn't want to hear anymore, that the
villagers laughed to Morghib, because he was different. The God was really
angry and the villagers had given a warning. Something really bad happens if
they do not change their ways to treating Morghib. Villagers didn't believe
The God.

 The God was really angry and carry out threat. The God invented a very good
plan for villagers, which would last for one day. He did a favor to Morghib
and gave him hands. The God takes other villagers hands away. They must learn
to live just the same way as Morgbib's live.

The next morning was sunny and the birds sang joyfully. The villagers awoke
and just when they had a daily routine to start, they realized that they had
no hands. Each side of the village were people screaming and crying. Everyone
knew that God had given them a warning, but they were not listened.  They
regretted their actions and asked for The God's mercy. 

Morghib woke up in the morning when the villagers were shouting and realized
that he had the hands.  He ran out happily and merrily he shouted out "Now I
have hands!". He was wondered, why the villagers were crying. He noticed that
they were missing hands and he had the hands.  The image of The God appeared
in out of nowhere and said "This day, all villagers are suffering and are in
the same situation as Morghib has been living all his life. Try to learn from
this day!."  The god image disappeared from the sky. 

Morghirb didn't laughed at others villagers. He rushed to help and helped them
with normal chores. Through the day, he assisted and helped the villagers. All
the villagers felt terrible guilt that they were laughed at Morghib. Although,
how much they were laughed at him, he still helping them continuously. 
Morghib was really tired in the evening and fall straight in the sleeping when
he came to home. 

The next day he woke up and realized that he was normal self. All the
villagers came to the front  of morgbib's home and they all asked for
forgiveness and promised to help Morghib. The God was really pleased, that the
villagers had taken lessons from this and hoped that this will continue from
now on as long as Morghib live.

Since that date, no one has laughed at Morghib in the village. The villagers
built a statue in the middle of the village to honor him. Morghib became a
legend in the village and the villagers told their children this tale for many