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Library: King's messengers


Author: hymn
Date:Jan 19 2010

  There was two great kingdoms Deamiles and Turew. Between the kingdoms was an
alliance which was agreed a long time ago against the evil forces. Every now 
and then a messenger was sent from kingdom to another to update the status of
the alliance and inform the latest news. Today was the time to send a message 
from Turew to Deamiles about the worrying incidents all over the kingdom and 
confirm the support of Turew towards Deamiles.

  King Turew was wise and righteous man. He knew how important it was to keep
the alliance strong between the kingdoms. Turew raises from his throne and
commands: "Get Zougat here", and continues almost yelling "quickly!"  

  Zougat was a noble paladin, king's personal favourite and the most reliable
messenger. After a five minutes from king's order Zougat rushes in to the 
throne room. He is wearing a strong and shiny armour which is decorated with 
religious signs. His weapon on the scabbard is a extremely sharp longsword 
holding magical powers. Paladin's sword is also known as "Sword of Clouds" 
which is a feared weapon among the evil creatures. In his left hand Zougat is
holding a large shield which has symbols of the Turew's kingdom. He walks 
straight to the front of the throne and kneels before his king: "You asked
for me."

  "Yes, yes I did", Turew replies. "I have a mission for you. But let me 
introduce someone for you first." 

  King turns towards the maid standing near by the king's throne: "Here is 

  Right that moment the Fool stumbles to the throne room from the eastern door
and the king is interrupted. Fool seems to be drunk as he has earlier today 
found his way to the king's wine cellar. Fool takes a view over the room and
grins happily as he notices more audience than usual. Because of his condition
Fool doesn't notice the tense atmosphere in the room. He jumps around happily 
and starts his performance. Turew shakes his head hopelessly and states: "Not 
now Fool! Get lost!" 

  But the Fool just continues with his act. Turew winks one of his guards to 
take care of the situation. While guard is dragging the Fool away Turew leans
towards the Zuogat and the maid: "Lets go to my secret chamber so we won't get
interrupted anymore."

  King walks to the back of the throne room and opens the door to the hidden 
room. Zougat follows the king together with the maid. Turew closes the door 
and introduces the maid to Zougat: "Here is Riwien and she will travel with 
you to the Deamiles."

  Zougat examines Riwien with his eyes. Riwien is a young maid dressed like a 
nun. She is wearing a long black tight dress with white collar. Head is 
covered with the traditional black and white headpiece. On her weist she has a
very plain cord belt. Poor looking natural white sandals are barely giving any
protection for her feet. She is hiding her true appearance with a dark blue 
cloak which is starting from her shoulders falling down until her knees. Under
the clothing Zougat notices a shape of religious necklace. Zougat looks 
puzzled but he doesn't say anything.

  "Zougat, you need to deliver this scroll to the king Deamiles", Turew says
and hands the scroll to the Zougat.

  "Scroll contains information about the latest incidents in our kingdom." 
King takes a small break and continues "Sadly it has come to my knowledge that
evil forces are trying to weaken our alliance by sending false messages and 
rumours into our kingdoms. So we need to act by sending a truthful message
with the reliable way. Any questions?"

  "I have been a messenger between the kingdoms more than several times and 
I'm sure I will travel faster without any company. But I'm not going to argue 
about this because I see that decision about my companion has already been 
made. However, I would like to know why Riwien is joining me just now when the
message should be urgently send?" Zougat wonders.

  Turew smiles to Riwien who smiles back to king.

  "Riwien is a crucial part of the message and she will be consulting the 
local nuns at Deamiles about the undead foes", king explains. "Unfortunately 
there is no time to explain all the details. Good luck for both of you, please
hurry now!" 

  Mission was now assigned to the Zougat and Riwien. They both quickly 
gathered their gears for 2 days travel and after an hour king's messengers
were already riding to the Deamiles. 

  Zougat wanted to keep up the speed and travel as far as possible before the 
night. Just before the sun was edging down behind the mountains far in the
west Zougat and Riwien arrived to the narrow pass between the hills. Because 
of their intense riding Zougat and Riwien didn't really have change to talk 
until the Zougat says: "Lets go through the pass to the valley behind the 
hills. There is a nice spot for camping."

  They start to ride throught the pass. Riwien follows a few meters behind the
Zougat because there isn't room for two horse to travel side by side. Just 
before they are about to arrive to the valley Zougat gets a bad feeling. He 
turns back to warn Riwien but it's too late. The noble paladin, the leader of 
the king's messengers gets stunned by the powerful bash of a beam swinging at 
him from the near by tree and he falls down from his horse. Riwien anticipated
as well that something bad is going happen and she was already alerted when 
Zougat turned back. At the same time when the beam hitted the Zougat this 
young but fearless nun jumped down from her mount. Riwien moves quickly with a
few strong leap next to Zougat who is already surrounded by two undead 

  Unfortunately Riwien's clothing isn't designed for fighting and her 
manoeuvre rips the tight dress from both sides up to the hips thus giving now
more flexibility to move. While still moving towards the enemies Riwien 
reaches her religous artifact hanging on her neck under the clothing. She
pulls out the feather cross glowing the divine light and catches up the first
enemy which is turned to the pile of dust in a second. With the continuing 
movement Riwien pivots towards the second unholy ghost which also disappears 
by the power of the cross. Riwiens performance makes the enemies that are 
still approaching the location of action to hesitate a few seconds. It gives
just enough time for Riwien to revive the Zougat. 

  Zougat staggers up and when he gains back his full consciousness Zougat 
notices how the surges of holy force coils around the Feather Cross of Riwien
forming a pulsing bolt of divine energy. A small twist in the nun's wrist 
hurls the bolt through the air. Unseen amount of holy power makes the air to
crackle as the holy bolt stops the attack of extremely nasty looking undead 
lich. They pull back to the pass to set up their protection and plan for the

  "Did you notice the orcs in the trees on the left side?" Zougat asks and
continues: "I counted about 10 orcs. I can take care of them but they may have
bows and arrows so we need to get them down from the trees before I can slay
them with my sword."

  "I can shake the orcs down from the trees", Riwien replies and smiles 
mystically. "You just need to cover my back from the undeads attacking on the
right side."

  Zougat moves to the center of the field on the front protecting the Riwien 
with his shield. As they get to the center Riwien raises her cross and chants
the magic words: "ex'domus naz." 

  Surroundings burst into white holy flames and orcs starts to fall from the 
trees. Even some of the undeads are severely injured by the flames of 
righteousness. They switch sides and Zougat runs after the fallen orcs. Riwien
moves to the right side of the field and continues her fight against the 
undeads. Every now and then Zougat takes a glance at Riwien. He has never seen
anyone to move like that. Her motion resembles the martial art of the monks
but it's much more smoother and flexible. She seems to anticipate every hit of
the enemy and her skill to move is able to dodge most of the blasts. 

  After an hour or two the enemy is almost beaten. A couple of undeads are 
still lurking on the woods for Riwien and apparently those evil creatures have
some protection againts the holy power. By making quick attacks between the 
trees these unholy monsters get close enough at Riwien to make some cuts and 
scratches with the long and sharp claws of theirs. Fortunately the spells 
protects Riwien from the major injuries but her clothing wasn't intact 
anymore. Zougat moves to help Riwien who's dress exposes more of her body than
modest nun should ever reveal to anyone. While they are still fighting Zougat
can't stop wondering how the clothing of the nuns can hide the female figures 
like Riwien's. He makes a conclusion that there must be some kind of magic to
do that. Finally they finish the last remaining foes and Zougat goes to pick 
up the Riwien's cloak which he noticed previously on the field. Cloak was 
dropped at the begining of the battle and was pretty much untouched. Riwien is
still gasping for the breath after exhausting battle. Her cord belt is hardly
holding the shreds of the dress together but Riwien doesn't seem to care about
her exposing outfit. Because Zougat can't stop his eyes wandering he quickly
hands out the cloak to the nun. Riwien just smiles and makes a comment: "Well,
that was a fight!"

  "Yeah, it was", Zougat agrees with Riwien. "And now I realize why Turew 
insisted you to travel with me."

  Zougat and Riwien set a camp for the rest of the night and the next day they
delivered the message to the king of Deamiles. 

  This was the end of Zougat mission and he had to return to the home. Riwien 
instead stayed and she started her work at the monestry as a teacher guiding 
the nuns to fight against the undead foes.