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Library: Bad timing


Author: buddha
Date:Feb 2 2010

Bad timing

Late in the summer. Known campsite in the woods. There are travelers sitting
around a big campfire. 
Most of them are heading to nearby small village, back to home. It is last
night on the road. They have spend a week in town ,sold cows and grain on the
market. A good year again. Extra money was spend to bars , whores and other
great things that town has and village doesnt. Mood is high and big bottles of
moonshine are passed around. Old man starts telling a story. 

Story is legendary evil versus good. There is plenty of monsters, all
powerfull hero . Monsters get defeated one by one. Hero strikes heads of with
one blow and doesnt seem to have any sense of humor or other inhuman
abilities. He is just a machine ,made to destroy evil. Many ears have heard
this kind of tale before the storyteller was even born. There is quite a many
somewheres, sometimes and someones , but old man seems to be very talented to
perform these. Amount of detail doesnt matter to him. Most of listeners are
fascinated. Story takes em over and they forget the strong moonshine ,horny
bitches in town ,ugly wifes in home. The general meaningless of life is gone. 

The story is finally over.  Men are talking about it. Praising the hero and
cursing the evil.They are hoping to have life like that. No working days on
fields, no smelly kids crying for food. Just glory and lust. No more skanky
fat whiny wifes yelling what to do, just awesome beautiful girls doing what
told to. And who ever messes with you ... just boom and guy is dead in a blink
of an eye , no need to hear shit for one. Moonshine is running to thirsty
mouths. Minds are far away from home but just one more travel day separates
body. Then its just endless wait for next years market. Home sweet home.... 

A young stranger have been listening the story. He takes a big gulp from
bottle and clears his throat with loud cough. "a nice story old man, but in
real world ...". Everyone turns to look this young fellow. So he starts to
speak with clear and strong voice:

"4 days ago I finally find the trail of demon. The monster. A terrible beast
from unknown. It has many forms and shapes so it took 6 months to track it
down. But i was driven by justice just to payback the massacre thing did in my
home village. Marks of it magic where clear and fresh. I was only couple days
behind it and it was getting ready to make another bloodbath in some of the
nearby settlements."

Listeners are freezed. They are forced back to reality. Dreams about glorious
life are replaced by grief and unbeliev.  Is that our village? What is going
on? Is this a real hero? But no one says a thing and young fellow stands up
and continues.

" I continued to follow the marks. And then i stumbled to something. A corpse
of young woman. Buildings near by. Chill in my bones. Demon have been here.
Devoured the souls. Blood have been poured . Small chappel middle of village
was on fire. Its was really horrible. The image of the cat nailed to that big
oak and slaughtered kids .... so sick"

That hits the audience. A big oak. That is our village. Those are our
children. That must be my cat. A big chill is creeping in everyones backbone.
How could this happen? Atmosphere is so surreal and spooky. Everyone just roll
their eyes in confusion and pain on their face. 

"I see.....  well i still have to told you this. I continued to follow the
trail from there and it was really fresh nearby. I was forced to stop tracking
becouse of darkness so i decided to come rest on this campsite"

Another stranger who have been sitting very quiet with hood over his head,
drops the hood. A horrible looking twisted man. With grin on his face he
snarls. " Young bloke here is coloring things up, i would never nail a cat on

Faster than lightning a sword appears to old mans hand. He strikes. Young
stranger shouts "noooooo we were just kidding, it was just a story , a joke". 
But its too late. The twisted stranger looses his head. Last thing the young
fellow ever hears is old man's strong voice "And I was just remembering the
old times" .

Last act. A practical joke. 
2 actors murdered in woods. New story is told in the town.