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Library: Psychonauts and Ayahuaska.


Author: amd
Date:Mar 11 2010

The weather is sunny, on this brisk morning on the continent of Desolathya.
Our merry adventurers, Petrus and Maurtisio are waiting for the ferry to take
them to Rothigken, but they figure out they could ask for a lift from a
friend, who is also shady members of kuosi+. So Petrus decides to tell Amd
that they need transportation, could it be arranged he wonders. He manages to
get them a lift for a joint. It's ok, he thinks, we get to Taiga area swiftly
with Whitewidow, Amd's nice and fast ship. So there he comes, and earth
trembles a bit as the quite large bloodred ship with white sails lands. Then
there's short bark from trusted sailor Naryan and the gangway is lowered, they
board the ship. Ship just lifts up in the air, and the journey begins.

Its desolate Rothigken, chilly breeze blows small hailstones of their course
as whitewidow struggles over mountain ranges near shadow keep and Taiga. The
lift magi seem slightly worn after this, but, they will have time to hunt for
supplies from Taiga and regain their needed strength. The tundra and glacier
of Taiga seem majestic Petrus haven't been here ever before. Mauritsio heads
towards the norrfolk village, where this shaman recides and is holding the
mysteries of sauna and ayahuaska. Amd mumbles some magic words like "black
winter day" and vanishes into shadows. They were surprised how easily that old
hippy could disappear if he wanted to. So they head northeast, through Taigas
'rakka'. And after a while the devil's fields is cut in half by a river, which
few spots with ice, but mostly it ran free despite the chilly weather. Petrus
deceides to follow river towards upstream and after a while they see a old
woman, who resembles medusa a lot, with snakes tied to her hair. Woman sits on
a metal bucket and chews on dried amanita muscarias. Petrus and Mauritsio take
a turn towards the norrfolk village, wich should be westwards from the river.
After a while they find their way into the village they were after. 

The village itself, is pretty plain, only few tents and strange looking
hemisphere are poking up from the ground. There are a lot of snow everywhere
even its almost spring here. They head to the tents to consult with the
shaman. The norrfolk shaman is in his tent, drinking coffee with some reindeer
fat melted in it. They tell it keeps you warm during the winter and tastes
good. Shaman willingly tells the mysteries of sauna and ayahuaska to the
psychonauts, he also promises to create some sort of concoction and warm up
sauna for the evening. But Petrus and Mauritsio have to help shaman round up
some ingredients and do few other preparations, like chop wood for warming up
the sauna. Day goes by as our heroes chop wood, search some roots and leaves
under the snow and the day changes into evening and sauna is finally warm.

The sauna feels warm and concoction the shaman put together for whole
afternoon tastes rancid. They force their share down and throw some water on
the stove. 'Psshhhhffftt' goes the stove and hot steam rises up. The
anticipation can be sensed. Psychonauts are waiting. It should happen soon.
Then suddenly, the stove seems to explode in a sparkles of colours showering
all over the steamlodge. The world distorts and the surroundings change. They
are of to the dream world. Realm of shamanic spirits and Pecco, the deity
norrfolk worship and wish for better years. The dreamlike forests seem last
forever, the aurora borealis are on the sky and they can see spirits of the
animals, norrfolk and other fauna drifting around this realm. Then suddenly a
giant shadow rises up behind the horizon and as if it knew where they were, it
reaches out with its arm and pushes them back with supernatural force.

It still feel pretty warm in sauna, its morning. What was that shadow, and how
did it invade the realm of Pecco, they wonder. But that my friends, is totally
another story.