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Library: Gates of Patience


Author: merja
Date:Apr 4 2010

There was no crowd upon our door. The hand that stayed away, refrained from
knocking, and at last even our heart it was our silence. We saw slaughtered
before us, lambs stinking of death and despair. Where is this, we cried, tears
mingled like innocence, deprived within us our thirst from the pure rain. Who
has stepped into the depths of Hell and brought fire upon our heads? The quiet
drip of blood running down a wall onto the street stained the feet of our

And the woman wept, wailing as only a mother can mourn for her child. A curse
upon the pride of ignorance and ego, left our lips blistered with scorn,
wrought vengeance upon a stillborn heart, that had longed for just one breath
in the name of God. For ten days it continued to drip. And on the last day...
not a single one waited at our gate of patience.