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Library: Death by Caffeine (a recipe stolen from the Pratchett archiv


Author: Akito
Date:Mar 30 1999

Recipe 1 (simple death)

All the measurements are somewhat approximate, since this is supposed to be a
nice easy recipe to follow.


Coffee beans, the blend of which is entirely to personal taste. I have (so
far) used Kenyan and Columbian. Reports suggest that a medium roasting is
perhaps advisable, but I haven't experimented that far, and am by no means a
coffee expert :) Flames to somewhere unpleasant [1], constructive criticism
always appreciated.

Chocolate. I would recommend plain over milk, though the white chocolate
covered coffee beans I have sampled were far better than I was expecting. Dark
and bitter is what I'd suggest, not that this has any direct relation to my
normal temprement...


Lightly crush the coffee beans. This can be done with the aid of a pestle and
mortar, or, more simply, by a plastic bag and rolling pin. Aim to get the
beans broken, but not finely divided.

Melt the chocolate, and stir in the crushed beans.

Spoon out onto greaseproof paper using (unless you like to live very
dangerously...) a teaspoon. Either place in the fridge (but they will lose
their bloom somewhat) of allow to cool. Devour voraciously, and then find a
new hobby with which to fill your new found time.

[1] Like Milton Keynes.


A variety of things can be added to this basic recipe. I can recommend grated
orange peel, and also cinnamon. Ginger has also been used. Mint is also an
option worth trying, but be careful not to use too much. I would also think
that coarsely chopped brazil nuts would go well, but haven't got this far with
the experiments yet.

The key thing is moderation with the additions - you should be aiming to get
the taste of chocolate and coffee, with just subtle hints of the extra
ingredients, but YYMV. I'd be pleased to hear of any really good concoctions.


Recipe 2 (overkill)

Ingredients as above.


Melt the chocolate, and spoon a layer into the base of an ice-cube tray.
Sprinkle coffee beans onto this. Cover with more chocolate. Repeat alternate
layers of chocolate and coffee beans until bored or the top of the tray is
reached. Cool and eat. You may well be able to obtain new-found employment as
a cocktail shaker after this...


The LD50 of caffeine is 192mg/kg. Let's be careful out there. :)