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Library: The Item That You Cannot Return


Author: merja
Date:Aug 3 2010


The morning breeze comes back
and from the southern desert
the lapwing returns
The dove's soft song about roses
I hear that again.

The tulip, who understands what the lily says,
went away, but now she's back.

With the sound of a bell,
strength and gentleness

Hafiz broke his vow and damaged his heart,
but now, for no reason, his Friend forgives that,
and turns, and walks back up to his door.

Damaged goods cannot be returned.

The word Love is unknown
And I turn my back to embrace
My loneliness in the desert.

How do we drown our sorrow
In a place without rain?
Pretend to be a smile
On a face fading into night
Your eyes, two stars, blind
I fight the illusions
Surrounding a world
Of my own making.
The word Love is unknown.
Trying to feel your heart
I turn my cheek gently
From your sweet kiss.
Making love was it just a dream
And is it so simple
That I overlooked something
Like your obligation and duties
Which tear me apart.
I could never deny
A fractured shard
Which pierces my heart.
Deeply, into darkness,
My Friend has walked
Away from my door.