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Library: Where does your journey begin and where does it end?


Author: shura
Date:Aug 5 2010

A spring-high blue sky was crossing long ridge of clouds that
were straight as a spear. The sun was at the end of its day 
journey and while trying to stay at least a couple of minutes 
suddenly flashed casting reflections in the young leaves. 
Sunrays drops were still jumping over the tops when it has 
already disappeared behind the forest. Twilight timidly touching 
the ground was wrapping the town pushing it into the night.
Zokkah broke into this coolness out of the city eagerly trying 
to catch last glimpses of the passing day.

. Look, Shaggy ... see? The gold of the sun! This is the new 
gold and it is ours!

The girl jumped as high as she could and ran up the hill. Shaggy 
the tamed wolf trotted sluggishly after her, sniffing the fresh 
air of the approaching night. Yes, that was their time!
They had met each other several years ago by some quirk of a fate. 
One on one, they were looking at each other and each wanted only 
one thing - survive. His teeth sunk into her, wolf was enjoying 
taste of blood for the first time; while Zokkah continuously 
chanting spells trying to keep concentration, suffered excruciating 
pain. This was her first pet. Inexperienced beastmaster she was; 
she did not know exactly how to tame the beast and nearly paid for 
that with her life. Whether she had luck or fate had decided that 
this is too easy way for her to escape life, Zokkah managed to 
tame the wolf. Now, running past his home and his flock, Shaggy 
did not pay any attention to them, like being pride of being 
chosen and being devoted to her mistress. Zokkah spoke to him 
all the time, cared for him, they played together... Together they 
were getting a piece for themselves out of this world, fulfilling 
all orders of wealthy people. They sleep under the open sky tightly 
cuddled up... Devotion which was very close to love, that is what 
united them.

.You know, Shaggy! We are not living bad and managed to save 
some money . said Zokkah, running thin fingers through thick wolfs 
fur . I think we can take another one in your company!

Wolf continued to sit quietly. They had settled on a hillside and 
were watching approaching darkness greedily consuming everything 

. Today I was at the city's main market; there were animals for sale 
again. They sat in dirty cages, hungry, some had broken legs. Can 
you imagine that? All in all.... Shaggy, I had spent most of the money
and bought the baby griffin.

Shaggy twitched his ear, as if he was driving away gnats. He was 
already feeling age taking its debts. And the eyes were not like they
used to be... Well, this is time to leave. He looked into her eyes 
and licked her hand, which he had never done before.

. "Take me to where I was born," sounded in Zokkah's head. 
. But Shaggy, why? Are you angry, I'm sorry ... I need only you...
. "Zokkah, my time has come! Please, fulfil my wish"
. Well, Shaggy... Stay a little longer with me, at least until the 
They sat tightly to each other deep in memories in this chilly night. 
Before dawn, Shaggy fell asleep, curled up. The first beam momentarily
blinded Zokkah and caused an unknown pain in the eyes. Zokkah has 
never cried. But this morning, buried in the cooling Shaggy.s fur, 
under an incredibly bright and large sun, tears ran down her cheeks,
giving birth to a new feeling in her soul. 
- Thanks, Shaggy, for what you were.