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Library: The love of a nun


Author: ergor
Date:Oct 12 2010

In the old days it was common to join a guild that was the closest one to your
heart, your calling. To be a nun was the last thing I dreamt of. I first
became a psionicist. It was fun penetrating the defences of my enemies' minds
and make them feel pain. It must have been that I was a little bit of a
sadist. That was something I didn't think was proper for a good religious
fellow to think that way. I spent a long time as a psionicist and grew
stronger quickly. The way of the magic user was a good one for me. I don't
think I would have ever been a good ranger or a barbarian for that matter. I
wanted to use my head more than just my heart and muscles.

I was on my good way to reach the last levels of the psionicist guild when I
met an old woman when I was walking towards the city of Orion before the
apocalypse. I was after some food from the grocery store there to buy with
some loot I had gotten from some goblins. She looked tired and was sitting on
a rock at the side of the road. It was late in the evening and the halo of the
nun was a little too bright for my taste.

"Hello, my child", Said the old nun. "Come closer", she continued. "There is
no need for you to buy your food today. You young ones especially need our
little help". She mumbled something and suddenly I felt so full of food and
water that I almost threw up. After I had gathered my self from that burst, I
thanked her for the help. "No need for thanks. It is my joy to help those in

Few people I had met ever gave anything. Perhaps they tried to rob you but
this old lady was something totally else. She started talking again like
reading my mind: "We nuns do not harm other people like you know. Why have you
chosen this path as psionicist anyways? Your heart points to our direction,
the way of Las. You should immediately go to the mountains and visit our
guild. There you should read the two large books that tell about our guild and
our daily works. You will see the right path you should have been guided to
take from the start. And don't worry, we show our wrath to those that are evil
and that way you can use your powers. But do beware the evil path where you
are easily lured after seeing the might the nuns channel."

The nun said nothing else and I didn't have time to say anything when she had
already stood up, touched my forehead with his hand slap my bottom with her
fat ruler. She mumbled something at the same time and I could only see a flash
of a navigator pendant when a cannon was next to me. The nun grabbed me and
put me into the cannon and I was flying over the clouds and mountains towards
some destination. Well, I wasn't too stupid not to know that I was flying
towards the guild of the nuns. I wasn't sure it was such a good idea. But
perhaps it is good to check it out as that nun looked pretty wise and I was
still very young.

I landed softly just before the guild entrance. The guardian glanced upon me
and pointed me to enter. "Take the second turn to the right and visit the
library to read the two large tomes about our guild. Then visit the abbess in
her office taking the third turn to the right". I did as told and walked in
the convent. It was beautiful. No wonder the nuns were happy people as I had

I went to read the books in the library. The librarian was happy to see me and
gladly helped me to find the required tomes. The two books were boring but
when they got to the point of turning undead and searching for lost relics, I
got very interested. I had always wanted to get rid of those nasty ghosts that
disturbed my sleep during so many nights. I had heard that the psionicists
could destroy them too but I had never heard that the nuns had so many nice
toys and ways to get rid of them and it seemed much easier. I think I could
learn more about these skills and started my way towards the abbess's office.

The abbess was even older than was the nun I had seen near Orion. She was
organizing her papers on her office desk and holding several keys on her belt
that clinged each time she turned a bit. She didn't even glance at me when she
said: "Sit down, Lornana." I sat down at her desk. "We have been waiting for
you for some years now. Why are you late?" I had no idea, why I could be late.
This wasn't my first choice to be here. "No, don't worry. I am just kidding.
You are not really late from any meeting. You have done as you chose to do and
that is the right way to go. Luckily you have chosen the way of a magic user
and so have learned the basics very well or any casting."

The abbess continued: "I have your room key here. Go see your room and dress
up properly. You don't need those psionicist robes any more." The nun gave me
a key that my name on it already. It felt really strange. "The key will show
your room so just follow it." So I did and after leaving the office with the
key in my hand I felt pulled towards another corridor in the convent.

After a few minutes of walking and being passed by some smiling nuns I was
turned at an oak door that also had my name on it. This was getting even
stranger all the time. I entered the room. There was a comfortable bed, small
table with a candle holder on it, a mirror on the wall and a small cabinet.
There was a nun's robe on the bed. Perhaps it was the time to give my life a
new direction. Perhaps it is the right one. Nowhere else I had been so wanted
so far. It felt good to be wanted somewhere.

I changed my robe to another and started to feel a strange tickle on my head.
It had started to be a little brighter in the room too. Okay, I thought. Now I
must have a halo over my head like those nuns. And so it was after glancing at
the mirror. The halo was still very dim. This isn't too bad at all.

After I had dressed up my key started inviting me somewhere. To cut it short
it took me to the nun trainer where my long training started. It took me
several years again to reach close to the highest levels of the nun guild. I
had finished some of the tasks the guild required me to reach the highest
skill levels and eldership too. I had grown much in power and my halo had
become much brighter.

I loved being a nun. I loved doing the tasks and helping the orphans. I made
some lovely clothes for them. The need for clothes was constant and I got
pretty good at making those clothes them just to be worn out quickly by those
wild and happy children. I traveled around the world helping the cursed, sick,
poisoned and haunted. I didn't like taking care of the bees though. They kept
stinging me no matter what I did. My candles in the prayers were small and
lousy. But life altogether was very good. I had chosen the right path for
myself. Or it was chosen for me.

One day the abbess asked me to go search for a relic in the desert ruins near
the very evil pyramids. I had become a very good treasure hunter and of course
was after the adventure. I was accompanied by a couple other nuns just in case
due to the proximity of the pyramids. We started the journey by a flying boat
that took us close to the location of the treasure. At least that was
according to the map the abbess had divined. We landed and looked for other
landmarks to pinpoint the exact location. This wasn't going to be easy. You
can see few landmarks with just sand around you. We could only see some of the
pyramids that could be used in trigonometry.

It took us days to find the right spot. Luckily we had that flying ship of
ours to sleep in protected from sand storms and the awful weather of the
desert. We were attacked only once by a few mummies and skeletons but those
were easy to handle. We were actually surprised of the little resistance we
met. The reason for the little resistance was soon to be found out.

We started digging the relic and it took us the a long time to dig it out. The
sun had gone down when we heard a clang hitting the relic. It was a shield and
a beautiful one indeed. We packed the shield in cloth to be taken into the
ship and guild for identifying and clean up. If we had had a more experienced
nun with us, we would have long noticed that we were being watched.

We were attacked by dozens of undead just before we reached our ship. There
were skeletons, zombies and ghouls around us. We were quickly cursed so weak
that we were not able to resist them. But they did not kill us or hurt any
more than by those curses. We were tied up and put to sit and wait for

After a while a tall and handsome man appeared in a well-tailored suit. He
looked at us and went to the shield. He seemed extremely happy about finding
that shield. He caressed it for a long while and each time he touched it, it
became cleaner and shinier. When the shield was in awesome condition it
lighted the area like a strong beacon and all the undead were turned
instantly. The man grinned and came to us.

He removed our straps and told us that he was a templar disguised as a leader
of the undead. This seemed unbelievable but he was so charming that I was not
able to think anything else that he was telling the truth. He gave us the
shield and told us to go back to the nun guild and with haste.

We did as commanded. We told the abbess what had happened and she was very
surprised. She told me to get to know this templar a bit better but also be
very careful as the evil are often extremely intelligent. Next time we should
go there to the pyramids again and take an elder nun with us to meet this
templar in disguise.

We did and met this man again and were given very good places to hunt the
undead. We even got rid of a very strong source of evil with the man's help.
We got to trust this man very much and were very grateful for the help he had
given us. I could not help myself noticing that I had been charmed by this
man. He was so skilled, strong and intelligent. I fallen in love with him. I
wanted to see him alone to tell him about my feelings. So I left the security
of the convent to meet him.

It was not hard to find him. He seemed to know that I was coming and came to
me. I was extremely shy but he took my arm and pulled me close. He held me in
a tight and loving hug. I could feel my emotions of love and lust conquer over
my senses and I wanted this man badly. He calmed me a bit and took me into a
place where no-one could see us.

If I had only been wiser, I would have controlled my emotions. But no. I
wanted to make love with this man and so we did. It was more wonderful than I
had ever imagined. I fell asleep from the pleasure. I woke up beside in the
morning and pulled myself closer to him to feel his warmth. He held me close
to him and we rested there for a moment longer before I had to leave to care
of my duties.

I put my clothes on. It had felt so good to be close to a man after such a
long time. As a nun you don't get to see men too often. Less to spend time
with them. It is not disallowed but you just don't have the opportinuty.

We hugged each other again as a goodbye and I started chanting my travel spell
to get to the nearest ferry. The first try usually fails due to the very
difficult spell and so it did this time too. I usually had to try the spell
about 3 times before it worked. But this time it did not work even the tenth
time. Something had happened to my skill. No, it could not be my skill.
Something was keeping me here.

I glanced upon the man I was in love with and saw him grinning evilly. Why was
he grinning like that? Then I noticed some blood dripping from my neck. No! I
had been seduced by a vampire. It was too late now. I had too long under the
influence of him and now could not escape him anymore. But did I want to?
No... He is still such a wonderful man. I am here now at the pyramids helping
my husband, the templar vampire. I am cursed with love and lust. So much
pleasure he gives me! So when you sisters meet us here in the pyramids. Beware
but use our help we can give. We still love to destroy the evil in the world.