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Library: Strange beggar


Author: belse
Date:Oct 12 2010

Once there was a man who lived in a great city called Subreana.
He was quite a god fearing man who did his job and paid his taxes and was
humble too.
One day he was walking on the streets of Subreana and saw a beggar
who was begging for coins for himself. Well, our humble man gives him a coin
and keeps walking while he hears a prayer that is whispered by a beggar.

He started to think while he was walking: why this man was so poor that he has
to beg for his food? What was the reason, why this man is in this situation?
Well, soon the street ends and man had reached his destination but his
thoughts were
still wandering for that beggar.

Night comes and man goes to sleep but still that beggar haunts his mind.
He cannot undestand why that beggar was somehow different than any other
it wasn't like first time he saw a beggar.

Sky is dark and moon shines brightly and man just is lying on his bed 
while he can't sleep because his mind is filled with thoughts of that beggar.

Then comes morning and man starts dressing and getting ready for work
while he is still tired and a bit obsessed with his visions he got while
trying to get sleep.
He walks his regular path to work looking for that beggar but theres no sign
of him.

Its afternoon and sun is scorching from the sky and our man is begging coins
his living and thinking what has happened - one day everything was fine but
he is begging and lives in misery - and why? 

"Why God treats me like this?" he wonders, "What did I do to deserve this?
I have never question my Gods tests but this test i do not understand.
This isnt test, this is punisment - but for what?"

Man starts thinking what led to this situation and where was the beginning of
his torment.
So many years have passed when he met that strange beggar who haunted his mind
and drove him to insanity and what then ...
Man had no clear though about what he did during past years, he only remembers
time before
he met that stranger. Everything from there to this day is all haze and blur.

Many people walk past him and too few give him a coin. Man tries to look
miserable and
beg coins for people but he gets none. Then one man approaches him, 
gives him a coin and says "i think this belongs to you".
Man looks mysterious coin giver and sees that this is the very same beggar
that once lied in a gutter begging for a coin.
Mysterious stranger is gone before man can ask him those questions
that were haunting him for so many years and ruined his life.