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Library: The tale of the sorry knight


Author: parsin
Date:Feb 20 2011

This tale is like so many others written before it, yet different in a unique
way as well. Where should I begin, oh yes come closer it is coming back to be.
Thre were times when it would send shiver down my spine just thinking about
the memories of this event but now they bring a smile to my frace.
It began when I was but a young lad, poor and without a care in the world.
Thats when I met her.
She was so radiant that she could make the darkest day appear bright, her name
was Mary.
She was the towns most beautiful woman and was promised to be married to the
local lords son.
He was a klnight in training and I was his squire.
It broke my heart watching them hold hands and stare into each other eyes,
while I was given chores to do.
I did them, without much distress as I was merely a boy at the time.
I soon learned to respect this knight and the values that he held. Honor,
loyalty, courage, and virture were his shield and with the sword of pride he
slashed his enemies down.
The day after there wedding a war broke out several villages away.
We had heard rumors of a local lord hiring rogue knights and other thieves to
harass local villagers.
MY knight took it upon himself and I to go and protect these people.
I would be lying to stay, I wanted to go and fight!
I had learned how to wield the sword and shield.Not well, but enough that i
was not going to stab myseklf.
Mary, grew quite sad and pleaed with the knight not to go.  She cried and
wailed that her world would end if he should lose in battle. With a straight
face he got on one knee and proclaimed that if he should fall in battle then
he did not deserve the right to wed her.
I stared as i watched this for behind the door just perring through a crack in
the door.
The next day we were off riding towards this village. The knight turned to me
and spoke of the honor that we should gain by protecting those to weak to
protect themselves.  I noded as he spoke to give the impression that i
Already i was planning devious things in my mind, if he should fall then Mary
would be unattended to and in time she might grow found of me. Evil thoughts i
screamed in my mind, Be gone!. Alas, they wre already so deeply seeded that
the required no further nutring to bear fruit.  That knight was going to die
by my hands.
Later in the evening when we stopped he had me prepare his armour and remove
any chinks out of it that i saw.  As his squire I knew everything about my
knights combat skills, he could easily take on 4-5 men and come out out
untoched,.  He was that good.  I knew for him to fall in combat that I would
have to assist him.  I quickly began to work ion his armour as if i was deeply
concerned for his welfare.  I drew my dagger and he lay sleeping and nearly
cut through all of his armours straps.  I then grabbed his sword and make tiny
nicks in the end of blade so that it would not cut sharoply.

Later that night I even went so far to slip a bit of poison into his morning
water.  The poison was given to me by the local villager herbalist who said
should i require something to help me sleep before battle that this would
surely do the trick.  Oh how my soul cried for help! How could I do this to a
man who had been kind to me, yet he held dear the one thing that i covented. 
She would be mine, regardless of the outcome of this battle
That morning the knight awoke and prepared for battle.  I dressed him myself. 
I prepared his breakfeast along with his water.  I sheathed his sword and
dressed his mount.  We rode into battle.  Only one of of us rode out.  In
those days you did not kill a knights squire but rather used them as a
messenger to his lord with news of defeat.  this was the outcome I had planned
for and desired, yet my heart felt empty and my stomach sick.  How could I be
the one to tell Mary that her knight had been defeated.  I cared less for the
lord that threw crumbs at his servants, but Oh Mary! How she would be so
devasted to hear the news.  I rode back to the town with his helmet and flag
in hand.  I kneeled infront of my Mary and laid the gifts at her feet.  That
was the last I saw of Mary.  She locked herself in a tower never to be seen
again.  Some say that she died of a broken heart while others stay that she
took her own life and searchs for the one that took her knights life.  OFr
myself, I never did get to hold Mary or even recieve a gentle kiss on my lips.
 Instead I am still a squire, but for another knight.  My soul is heavy from
the weight that i bear from my previous deeds,

The tail is one i barely breath, but the fond memories of my knight and how
happy he made Mary are the only relief that i get from the nightmares that
haunt my sleep.  The sorry knight with such bad fate that I a greedy silly
iggnorant fool would be the one to cause his death.  I, the boy who loved Mary
so much that I killed her love and forever destroyed the person I held dear.