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Library: The Born of the Predator


Author: wide
Date:Feb 21 2011

One dark and gloomy night she arrived to the main gate of citadel. She is now
trained assassin with money and contacts to carry out her revenge and kill the
man who took away her family when she was a child. At the time man was nothing
but a leader for bunch of rogues and thiefs. Later on he bought his title and
now claims to be noble lord. She enters the lords citadel and mutters quietly
something about revenge.

Lord wakes up from his nightmare looking ill. He stands up and walks around
for a while and gets back to bed. He seems thoughtful for a moment and then
turns to his side. Suddenly he hears a tiny sound coming right behind his
back. At the same moment he turns on his back, something hard and cold pierces
his chest. He manages to utter a sound of pain before somebody puts hand over
his mouth. Last thing he sees is face of young woman staring him with dark
cold eyes, now turning her head to door when lords loyal guards rush into the
room. Woman sprints between confused guards to the nearest corridor.

She quickly paces along the corridors between the huge and high halls of the
Citadel. She glances left to right swiftly as she suddenly notices several
patrols approching her. She hastly turns to flee - only to get hit by a shield
of guard charging her from behind. She felts off balance and stumbles down
wounding herself from the guards sword. Almost unconscious from the blow and
the wound she lays on the ground, hearing the angry yells and deep growl of
the incoming guards.

Suddenly shadowy figure floats in through the door she walked by before and
fills the room with deep black smoke. She is already unconscious from pain
when the bolts of dark fire shoots out of the shadowy figure and shear through
the nearby guards. Rest of the guards starts choking from the smoke and they
flee in panic.

Strange force raises woman from ground and carries her to nearby old temple,
over the smoking piles of flesh which used to be guards of the citadel. As she
regains consciousness she hears a weird voice, like no voice but some dark
echo trying to tell something. First she cant understand but slowly starts
hearing recognizable words.

Voice belongs to spirit of Erked, former high priest of dark elf brotherhood
called Crystalblade. Erked hisses weird words towards wounded assassin and
gives her strange liquid to drink. She felts like her blood is boiling.
Amazingly her wounds rapidly started to heal and her strength to return. Erked
continues its chants and reads some unholy blesses over her blades. She wields
her deadly blades and charges back into the citadel.

Army of guards is waiting her outside the old temple.
She ceases and stands still.
Guards rush forward yelling battlecrys and revenge for their master.
She calmly stands still.

When she is almost circled her dance of death begins. First guards are death
in blink of the eye. Evading deadly blows she proceed like a shadow through
the mass of guards using her deadly blades and unholy speed. Captain of guards
rushes forward swinging his shining long blade. Captain makes multiple
experienced attacking maneuvers but his soon-to-be-last maneuver hits fellow
guards chainmail, stucking his blade for mere moment. That moment is enough
for her to pierce the captains head with deadly blow and finish off unlucky
guard in chainmail. Few minutes later the army of guards lays mutilated on
ground, several faces turned to grotescue expressions from the poisonous

She walks out of the main gate knowing she's something else now...

She is a children of darkness.
A dread of the people.
A slayer of the lords.
She is now follower of the Crystalblade Brotherhood.