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Library: Str's Bard performance (poem)


Author: str
Date:Feb 26 2011

I once met a Reaver
he was full of anger
he said
be afraid!
he was looking so cunning
that I started running

So I run into a barbarian
he was ex librarian
now he had a new destination
to get more reputation
he was holding axe and a mace
his hair was tied with a shoelace
the axe was pretty huge
but mace was a bit douche

Then I met a nun
again I wanted to run
but she was pretty gimmicky
and I wasn't all nitpicky
so I swallowed my pride
and gave her a good ride

I came across a mage
he was a real fruitcake
he didn't seem very threatening
until I got hit by a lightning
again I started to run
it's wasn't very fun
I didn't find a tarma
must have been my karma
even when I asked around
not a one could be found

I almost stepped on a newbie
he was fighting with a magpie
I just stood there horrified
and watched as the newbie died
I also saw a merchant
he seemed a bit vigilant
He was digging some diamond
There was plenty of it around
He didn't know how to behave
so I made the hole his grave

Then I saw a spawn
he was nobody's pawn
He had tentacles here and there
actually, they were everywhere
a pokemon beast was his steed
but it wasn't very sleek
It was a day full of thrills
and the spawn was looking for japanies girls