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Library: Raider of the Lost Heart


Author: str
Date:Feb 28 2011

There he was. Alone in the forest. In the same forest his parents had told him
never to enter. But Jack wasn't afraid, he was excited. Somewhere in the trees
birds were chirruping at each other and the whole of nature seemed to be
conspiring to be as pleasant as it possibly could. As he walked deeper into
the forest he tumbled on small meadow scaring few small deers away.

"Hey there", someone said. Jack turned around and there was a small green girl
sitting on a tree stump. "You don't seem to be from around here" she said and
giggled. "green" was the word in Jack's mind, how can she be green. Also those
ears, they are a bit on the large side. "Wwh?" he said. "Bu ... hu ... uh ..."
he added. "Wo... Who?" he managed finally to say. "I'm Melissa, would you like
to sit next to me?" she said and smiled. The orc girl wasn't exactly pretty
and smelled quite bad, definitely hadn't taken a bath in a while. Jack still
being in shock nodded helplessly and sat next to the girl.

Later that evening Jack was walking back home. The trees were softly swaying
in the wind and Jack felt he was missing something. It wasn't his dear
pen-knife, it was still in his pocket. "What am I missing" was the question in
Jack's mind. It took him almost the whole walk back home to realize that the
small orc girl had taken his heart. 

Next early morning yell of horror was the sound of Jack as he woke up in his
own bed. It wasn't just that he was dizzy, his head was aching and throat was
sore. It was the fact that he had a hole in his chest.

Mom and dad had already left for work. Good. Jack got dressed and broke his
piggy bank. Jack didn't have time to brush teeth or eat, he was on a quest. He
grabbed his bicycle and hurried to the town's shop. 

The problem with the sort of shops that sell things like survival gear and
pen-knives is the they tend also to sell all kinds of other fascinating
things. too bad this wasn't that kind of shop. Never the less, Jack managed to
find almost everything he was looking for, some jungle gear, leather whip and
a black toy pistol.

Back home he was standing in front of the mirror. "Ah" Jack said to himself
and ran to his parent's closet. He took his father brown Fedora hat and
returned to the mirror. "Whoa" he said, just like Harrison Ford!

Jack went back to forest to the same place. He knew he'd found something,
shivered little. It had taken some time before Jack found the meadow and it
was already getting dark. The orc girl was sitting on a small tree and was
holding the boys heart in her small arms. Jack walked closer and she said
"Here pounds your heart, you can have it if you promise to stay and live with
me here in the forest".

Jack replied "sure" and thought "no way" to himself. Living in the forest with
green girl wasn't Jack's plan, in fact he was going to college and university
when he grows up. Orc girl nodded. It didn't take long, Jack was whole again
and his heart was back beating inside his chest. "You know, on the other
thought, I'm not staying here" Jack said waving his whip and toy pistol.
"That's all right, you'll be back" girl said and smiled. "Right" said Jack
with some sarcasm in his voice and left.

As Jack was walking towards home he noticed his ears starting to grow and skin
turning greenish.