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Library: Fallen rise


Author: agez
Date:May 21 2011

It was Tom Bombadil that found Narril sleeping underneath the tallest tree of
the forest. Tom always picked up fresh fruits near the old elm, but this
morning Tom saw it coming. He felt power. The old forest have always kept Tom
safe and secure, so it was the old spirits of the forest that send the
"Go and see, underneath the tallest tree, a powerful one sleeps, go and see."
Tom packed up his backpack fast and told his wife to be safe, not entering
outlands today. Rumours about the orcs have reached the magic forest, the
stench have gone bigger. Tom was anxious. Goldberry just sat on the chair with
a warm smile on it's face and said: "Go and see Tom, spirits await."
"Be safe my love, i do not know what lies ahead. I have this strange feeling"
Tom bellowed.

Narril was sleeping. The wound from the orcs cursed arrow have left it's mark
on him. Last months have been pain and agony every second Narril closed it's
eyes, the dark shady cloud surrounded Narril's mind, draining him weaker.
Saruman have found a new way to hurt mortals, a deadly poison, usually mixed
by the fallen alchemists, taken from a flower called: "Mithwa." Luckily,
Valar's are strong on spirit and mind, so that the Mithwa's lost it's best
shape, but it still made Narril struggle. 
Tom poured some water on the wound.  
"Curses!", Tom yelled. "Always keeping me busy eh?!" 
Narril woke up. With eyes wide open he saw Tom standing right on front of him,
smiling as always. The mist have withdrawn and took a flee from Narrils blood.
The demon have failed. For good.

Goldberry scurried on the kitchen. Tom played his favorite flute. Such an
melodramatic scene, Narril smiled. "Thank you for giving me the aid. You have
saved me and pulled me back from the dark fog, yet i was hopeless and weak,
you have bring me peace."
Tom looked Narril and made a grinning smile. "Oh, you have awaken, again." and
started to sing.

"I saw you there under the tree,
so cold and calm and blue.
You got blackberry lips, so i poured you some soup
and here - you talk again!

I heard it from the Ents, from the winds and the whispers,
there lies a strong minded man.
Under the oldest elm tree you over slept
over and over again.

I had to save you, and bring the peace
you've been a helpful hand.
You have slain the evil many many times
so it's obvious to help a good souled man!"

Narril stayed a month in the Tom's house, he watched carefully the tricks of
the "bardism" that Tom try to show him. Tom even helped Narril to learn
professional plantloring, but Narril could not concentrate enough to learn all
the tricks. The past shrouded his mind. There was a reason why he had met Tom
Bombadil and his wife Goldberry, the old forest spirits have leaded the way. 
The forest have send it's blessing and gratitude toward Narril for saving many
lives and fighting the evil. There are many stories about him, the farmers
even sacrifice the best sheep once a year to show their gratefulness. Many
villages have been saved from the triumph of evil, all this because of the
good will of Valars. 

It was time to move on. Dig a deeper hole to see what lies ahead. To never
stop moving and helping people. The quest of life. Narril saw it coming right
at him, like a breeze of summer lashing the face.