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Library: Keratoacanthoma


Author: resin
Date:Jun 9 2011


There is a supreme deity called Medulla Oblongata .  Medulla existed amongst
himself alone, until his thoughts created lesser spirits bearing the name of
Buccarium , the Dental Ones.  As Medulla spoke to the Buccarium, he promoted
various themes of music.  Each spirit of the Buccarium sang independently,
with no coordination.   But as time passed, they slowly grew together in
One day Medulla called together the Buccarium and gave them a great theme.  
The Buccarium amazed by this sang with great conviction and verve.  At this
point Medulla was content, his offspring were singing flawless music.   But as
the theme advanced, Uvula began to sing his unique imaginations that were not
in accord with Medulla.  This discord began to entwine in the music of the
Buccarium.   The beauty and grace that surrounded Medulla was now amid
darkness and rage for which Uvula created.  
Surrounded by storm laden skies and ice cold waters, Medulla rose amid this
evilness and raised his left hand
a new theme began to take shape bringing back the melodious beauty.   Enraged
by this, Uvula unleashed war chants that were unheralded and ever daunting on
the Buccarium, to the extent that much of them ceased to sing.   Again Medulla
rose and raised his right hand, thus a third theme was born.  This theme was
like none before.  There were two songs coexisting at the same time. One song
was smooth and beautiful, while the other was shriekingly loud and forceful.  
As Medulla sat listening to this disharmonious medley, his patience drew thin.
 He stood up and raised both hands which created a cord deeper than an abyss
and higher than a shrill.   The music stopped.
Medulla spoke saying 'Mighty are the Buccarium, and the most powerful is
Uvula, but he shall know, and the Buccarium shall know that I am Medulla, I
will show you the thing for which the music has created.   Uvula will not play
music that has a theme not from within me, nor can any of the Buccarium alter
the music that contradicts my thoughts.  
For this the Buccarium was frightened beyond belief and Uvula was brought to
shame, which bleed into a vicious rage.   Medulla went to a far off region and
the Buccarium followed.  Medulla exclaimed 'Behold your Music!' and showed
them vision.   This vision showed them a new world, a world in which there was
the coming of the Children of Medulla.  These children are the dentition and
periodontium.  Amid the vastness of the world Medulla chose a place for his
children to arise and named it the Oral Cavity.  As the Buccarium had the
vision of this place where the Children of Medulla would arise, many of them
focused their desire towards the Oral Cavity.  Most profoundly was Uvula, who
was the leader.   He desired to enter the Oral Cavity and order all things for
the good of the Children of Medulla, controlling all its aspects of its
environment.  But the other Buccarium looked upon this habitation and their
hearts rejoiced as they saw the light.  And they observed the inhalations and
exhalations of air, and the matters with which Oral Cavity was made, of bone
and muscle and fat and many substances:   but of all these saliva was most
praised.  And it is said by the Eldar that in saliva lives yet the echo of the
Music of the Buccarium 
Saliva had that Buccarium whom the dentition called Xerostomia turned his
thought, was most instructed by Medulla in music.   Of the inhalations and
exhalations of air Diaphrama showed interest, who is the noblest of the
Buccarium.  Of the fabric of the Oral Cavity had Osteocyte. 
Medulla spoke to Xerostomia explaining how Uvula had made war upon the realm. 
He had brought cavities to the dentition and gum disease to the periodontium. 
Xerostomia responded saliva has become my true desire.  I will seek Diaphrama,
and he and I will make melodies forever to thy delight
thus Xerostomia and Diaphrama from the beginning allied and serve faithfully
to Medulla.
As time passed, there became an unrest within the Buccarium.  Medulla called
to them and said' I know the desire of your minds that what you have seen
should verily be, not only in your thought, but even as you yourselves are,
and yet other.   Therefore I say : Eá!  Let these things Be! And the World
shall be
and those of you that will may go down into it.   Thus the greatest and most
powerful of the Buccarium took the leave of Medulla and descended into it.  A
condition that Medulla made was that their power from here forward be
contained and bounded in world, to be within it forever, until it is complete,
so that they are its life and it is theirs.   And therefore they are named the
Valar, the Powers of the World
As the Valar descended upon the world they were astounded by what they saw,
for it was as if nothing has been made.   They found themselves at the
beginning of time.  Thus they had the task of creating the habitation for the
Children of Medulla.   And this work was primarily done by Zerostomia,
Diaphrama and Osteocyte
but Uvula was there from the beginning as well and he meddled in all that was
done, turning it to his own desires
and he created great diseases.   Uvula coveted it and said to the other Valar
'This shall be my own kingdom, and I name it unto myself!'
But Diaphrama was the brother of Uvula in the mind of Medulla and he was the
chief instrument in the second theme that Medulla had raised up against the
discord of Uvula.   And Diaphrama said to Uvula 'This kingdom will not be
yours, wrongfully, for many others have labored here no less than you.'  And
there was dissension between Uvula and the other Valar
and for that time Uvula withdrew and departed to other regions and did there
what he would, but he did not put the desire of the Kingdom of the Oral Cavity
from his heart.   
Now the Valar took to form, they took the shape which they beheld in the
Vision of Medulla.   The Valar may walk if they will, and even then the Eldar
cannot clearly perceive them, thought they may be present.  They may cloth
themselves and take forms of both male and female.   The Valar labored
together in the ordering of the world and the curbing of its turmoil's.  Uvula
seeing what the Valar has done, became envious and him too took visible form. 
 And he descended on the Oral Cavity in power and majesty greater than that of
the Valar, as streptococcus mutans in the saliva, and is crowned with plaque
and tarter.   Thus began first battle of the Valar with Uvula for the
domination of the Oral Cavity
and of those turbulences the dentitions know but little.


Thanks again for taking the time to read this story.  I hope you will consider
giving me an invite to the Valar race. 

Resin Dentistador