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Library: A New Home


Author: desert
Date:Jun 18 2011

This is the story of T'raenon, one of the lesser beings among the Ainur that
Ilúvatar created. T'raenon, not as strong in spirit as the other Ainur, fell
soon after the Eru had shown the vision of Arda, the new world. Eru Ilúvatar
and the other Valar sang in unison, beautifully, magnificently; all of them
except the Vala Melkor, sometimes called Morgoth.

Fascinated by the captivating dissonance of Melkor's own song and, in
particular, Melkor's stubborn resistance to the music of Eru and his Ainur,
the Maia T'raenon was tempted and soon became obsessed by the promise of power
that lingered within Melkor's song. As the Valar entered Arda, the world
created by Eru Ilúvatar, T'raenon made his decision and abandoned the
other Ainur, chosing to stay close to Melkor, as many other Maiar did.

This decision eventually proved to be his downfall. T'raenon worked
relentlessly with Melkor, endlessly struggling with the Valar, attempting to
ruin their efforts to forge the new world into a more suitable place for its
future inhabitants. However, it was not to be. They had their share of
victories, but the Valar were too strong, and the creation process 
could not be stopped.

Ages passed and the Ainur were no longer alone in the world. The elves had
awoken and now fought alongside
the Valar against Melkor and his cohorts, T'raenon among them. One of their
battles took place near a beautiful coastal townbuilt by the elves, its name
now long forgotten. This battle raged on for days, weeks, even months.
Eventually T'raenon saw the inevitable outcome of the battle; Melkor would be
defeated and T'raenon, along with the other Maiar, captured with him. As the
battle began to reach its conclusion, T'raenon, now desperate and fearing for
his future, retreated. In the harbor he saw a boat which he then promptly
boarded. He set sail and left behind the havoc and chaos, abandoning Melkor
and the other Maiar Melkor had seduced.

He traversed the vast oceans for decades, centuries, millenia, for periods of
time that felt like eternity. Lost in the
waves, lost in time, he began to forget. He struggled against it, but as time
ran its course and countless seasons passed, he became oblivious as to who he
was. He forgot the Ainur, he forgot Arda, he forgot the endless battles, the
promises of power. The elves, the men, the balrogs, they all lost their
meaning to him. The sturdy ship became his home, it was the only thing that
existed for him besides the neverending waves of the ocean. He was T'raenon no

Then, one day, he noticed something strange in the air he breathed. He could
feel it, he could smell it, he could sense it. It could not be anything else
but land. After drifting in the waves for a day or two, he reached the shores
of an unknown landd. It was dry. It was hot. He could see nothing but sand.
The desert seemed endless. Struck with newly found confidence and a strange
sense of optimism, he embarked on his second journey. With no landmarks in
sight in the horizon, he simply picked a direction at random and started
walking - and what a walk it was.

He walked endlessly, for days, weeks, months, years. He walked on and on, for
what again felt like eternity. As time passed, he started to become delirious
in the dry heat, forgetting even the tiny fragments of his past that still
lingered on in his mind. He lost his way, if there ever was one. He wandered
around, blinded by the scorching, yellow sand. His delirium got worse. He
began to imagine things. He saw strange visions. A great pyramid. A massive
obelisk. A vast range of mountains, with its peaks almost touching the sky.
Sea. A city attacked by gigantic birds. Ships floating in the air, moving at
incredible speeds.

Then, all of a sudden his head cleared and he realized the empty desert he had
traversed for ages had turned into lush 
forests and plains. In the distance he saw a beautiful city. Joyous, he began
to ran towards the city gates, only to be abruptly stopped by two guards, who,
frightened by the appearance of the strange being, alerted the town sheriff,
Hamr. Hamr the sheriff took him to his house, served him food and drink and
rest for three days before taking him to the station to be questioned.

The strange being could provide Hamr with no answers, only rambling on and on
about the vast desert he had crossed. Hamr told him he was in Lorenchia, the
capital city of the continent of Lucentium. Despite suspicions within the
population of Lorenchia, Hamr decided the strange being was harmless and let
him know that he was free to stay in the city. Hamr guided the stranger to
Alphidia Alkot, the Mistress of Pleasures, who tended to him and let him rest
in her house of rejuvenation. He spent months there, regaining his strength,
finding the dark crypt in Alkot's premises, in particular, to be a soothing
place for him. Some days he met strange creatures there, vampires, shadows,
even trolls. They all seemed indifferent towards him, some of them even

Extremely happy with the way he was treated in Lorenchia, he decided to stay
in this realm he had found. He still had no idea who he was. The locals simply
called him Desert due to his insane ramblings when he entered the city the
first time, and the name stuck. He accepted the name and began to use it
himself. He spent centuries in this new world, witnessing the rise and fall of
cities and races.

He took many forms himself, ranging from humans to leprechauns, from orcs to
demons. He travelled extensively. He crossed paths with numerous people,
helping many of the local inhabitants, befriending several of them, and
angering others. As the years passed he began to recollect things from his
past. Vague images, sounds, smells. He noticed resemblances between the
creatures of this world and those of the world he once inhabited. His powers
slowly returned, strenghtened. And now, after millenia, he is finally ready to
take his true form once again.