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Library: Radagast and The last of the Entwives


Author: natw
Date:Jul 2 2011

For a time after the seige of Orthanc and the subisquen expulsion of Saruman
the white, 

the Ents stayed in the lands around Isengard, and tended to the forest that
had been used 

so brutally to feed the fire of industry.  Infrequent and slow entspeak may
be, there was 

no mention of the Entwives amung the ents, though each could tell that the
others longed 

for their company.  Treebeard thought long and hard, as he was known to do.
One day in the 

early spring, while visiting Gwaihir, he told an old friend "I fear we may
never see the 

Entwives again.

- - -

The first leaves were falling as Gwaihir, mightiest of the eagles flew over
Mordor.  It 

had been a long time since he bore Frodo and Sam from mount doom, and even
longer since he 

had bore Beren and Lúthien from Angband.  There was not an inch of middle
earth the he had 

not flown over, and very little he had not seen.  One thing he had not seen
for an age 

were the Entwives.  He wondered if Treebeard was right.  Though he had once
though that he 

himself would never again see Radagast who had been missing since before being
summoned by 

the council of Rivendel. In the past he had often visited with the brown
wizard, and once 

more he was on his way to see the Malar.  Radagast had sent a raven to Gwaihir

him to the lands in the east. Radagast's message was short.  "Found Alatar and

Found something else.  Come to Haradwaith."

- - -

Radagast was not like the other wizards.  The five had been sent in order to
aid the free 

peoples of middle earth against the might of Sauron.  Gandalf and Sauruman
stayed in the 

west to try and council the elves and men of Middle Earth.  The blue wizards
had traveled 

to the east to try and stir up the men of the east against Mordor.  Radagast
had been sent 

by Yavanna and had far more interest in the plants and animals of middle
earth, than the 

afairs of men and elves.  He loved everything that grew, and tended to the
forests of 

Middle Earth.  And now Radagast had left his home and his beloved trees behind
because he 

heard a whisper from the forest of fangorn, something interesting.  He had

accross Middle Earth and made his way into the east to find the blue wizards. 
He had 

found them, and confirmed that which he had hoped.  He stood and watched the
horrizon for 

Gwaihir.  At long last the great eagle flew down and bowed before the old
wizard. He had 

sent for him, and for the other great eagles for a reason.  To carry himself,
and his 

charges, back to the west.  Back to Isengard.  For in the east, the blue
wizards had found 

the Entwives.  

- - -

Treebeard wandered the young forest.  There were so many saplings growing, and
he felt a 

fathers pride, a pride he had not felt in many an age.  There were no more
entings, the 

last had been born long before the 2nd age.  He knew that without any young,
the ents 

would eventually dwindle and turn treeish, and this saddened him.  His
branches weren't as 

 limber as they used to, and his bark was turning dull and brittle.  The frost
made his 

knotts ache, and his last leaf had fallen many a autumn ago.  A shadow crossed
his path, 

and he was not sure what to make of what he saw.  For it looked as though some

spirit had escaped his knowing in all these long years, one that had the body
of an eagle, 

with the branches of a tree, and the head of an old man.  Ready to spend the
next age 

thinking of a name for this spirit, as all decisions should not be rushed, he

didn't notice Gwaihir gently lower a shrub to the ground.  Radagast was on his
back, and 

he called to Treebeard.  "There's someone here who wanted to see you."

- - -

There were very few Ents left, and fewer Entwives still, but for the first
time since the 

the war of the last alliance when the Entwives had gone missing there was hope
for the 

Ents.  Radagast was happy as he headed for the far west, to return to the
Malar and Valar. 

 He felt sucessfull in his endevors in Middle Earth.  After all, how does a
little war 

over some silly ring compare to the race of Ents.