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Library: The tale of parsin


Author: parsin
Date:Jul 11 2011

Parsins life was one not easily lived. His parents, both nobles to his mother
and father eventually wanted to seek out future enlongment for their own
family name and created wealth for years to come, so they attempted to build a
family of their own. After many moons of attempting to give birth to their
first born, and 2 miscarriages, a son was finally born one hot night in a
cavern off a worn path.

His mother, exhausted from hours labor looking down at the cries of her
newborn, was only greated by the sorrow look upon her husband's face as his
eyes met hers. He quickly scooped the child within his arms, and wrapped him
up within his burnoose. The mother, distraught with no idea of what was going
on, had screamed at to her husband so that she can set eyes upon her first
son. Before the woman could even gather enough energy to move, the man had
darted off from the cavern down into the valley below. The women, left alone
in the cavern sulking to herself in disbelief as her husband had ran off with
the child of their love.

The man arrived at a local settlement, clearly out of breath panting heavily,
had looked around at the many unhabited tents and finally heard noise coming
from one. He approached the closed tent flap with caution, and gently placed
the newborn wrapped in the burnoose on the ground next to it. After hearing
some shuffling noises from within the tent, he quickly glanced off into the
distance and took off, leaving the child behind while the crying began to
alert the people to it's presence.

A young women quickly heard of the noise, and threw open the flap revealing
the child still laying there on the ground. A gasp of shock quickly came out
of her mouth, as her lungs quickly inhaled the air from around her. She
scooped up the child and went back within the tent.

Roughly 15 years had passed, and now what was once a child, is now a vibrant
red haired teen. Half human and half elf, his ears gently curved upwards as a
bright smirk decorated his face. "Get it son!" A man called out from behind
him while the boy was wrestling in the sand with a morduska. "Thatta boy! Now,
twist your wrist quickly!" He shouted out to the boy. With the agility of a
cat, the boy grabbed a dagger out of his boot and inserted it into the
morduska, twisting his wrist ever so quickly to put a halt to it's movement
once and for all. "You did it!", the man shouted in a successful tone, "you
killed your very first morduksa!". The boy simply stood up, dusted himself off
and raised the corpse as a sign of triumph to his father knowing just how easy
the task was but dared not to show off for him. The man wrapped his arms
around the boy, and ushered him into the tent for supper.

A year later, the red headed vibrant boy was out in the desert sands alone
taking a hike to observe the habits of the natural wildlife as usual. A feint
hiss however stopped him in his tracks, his eyes quickly shifting to the sands
below while both hands clenched the daggers strapped to his chest. With short
notice, the sands suddenly began to shift as if something below was moving
towards him and without notice, a selshis jumped from ambush. The boy quickly
darted to his right and twisted his body slightly to avoid the attack,
brandishing and slicing the selshis in two with one swipe of his dagger now
wielded in his right hand while another was clenched in his left. Before long,
two more selshis suddenly jumped from the sands at his surprised, however
before either could get close to him, suddenly the sands gave out underneath
him and the boy fell below the surface with the selshis following suit.
Injured during his fall, his right leg was broken and immobilized him from the
attackers. Before long, the selshis finally came to and quickly lounged at the
boy, but with quick precision and focus the boy eliminated both in a slashing
motion that almost appeared to be a dance of blades. The dead bodies, now fell
quickly to the floor beneath him and slowly sank within.

Panting and wincing from exertion and his fall, he tried to gather enough
strength to move but simply could not. Glancing down at his leg, it was clear
he wouldn't be going anywhere soon, however that was not the biggest oddity he
noticed when glancing down. Upon gazing at his leg, he noticed the sand
beneath him, was dark as night and further observation around him concluded
that he was in no typical hole, but almost a maze of sorts carved from the
very black sands that surround him.

A voice softly claims from the shadows, "An excellent show of agility my boy.
You made quick work of those selshis, and at such a young age I am very
impressed." The boy looked all around towards the shadows, but could see no
one. "Tell me boy," the voice stated, "why are you here?" The boy stuttered
somewhat, wincing still in pain, "..I..I fell from above" he claimed. The
voice, simply chuckling in the shadows merely stated, "Fate." With that, a
figure emerged from the shadows covered in garb dark as the night and sands
themselves around him. With one brisk motion, he scooped up the boy and walked
off into the darkness. "Let me help you with these wounds," he said to the boy
while smiling to himself underneath his dark veil, "I have many things to
discuss with you, things you can not even fathom yet...things...", he says,
"..things such as your so called true parents, did to you." And with a cynical
laugh, he took the boy off into the sands, "I think from here on out, you will
be known as Parsin..."