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Library: Justice


Author: stranger
Date:Jul 11 2011

Stranger has long stood on the border of forest and dunes, facing the
low-dark-gray waves. Streaks of foam - like the rim of mourning dresses Uynen.
Why was this return?.. So easy to grasp - bending over or touched by the light
ripples frozen, motionless, as under the ice of the lake smooth surface, he
was sure that vision does not lie. But they did and did not let him back in
the dreams and reality. 

Lost in thought, Stranger did not notice that he was already not alone on the
bank - funny voices and light footsteps could be heard from the forest. 
He retreated to the forest, pressed his cheek against the mighty pine trunk,
breathing resinous aroma and feeling under bark scales throb of life in a huge
tree. It heard the request - the lower branches with a soft squeak went down,
the shadows were stretched to the ground, merging with Stranger's cape. He
closed his eyes, concentrating on the voices. Two - Edel and Ellet, recently
married. They talked about their new home, friends and family - he was about
to slip out when he heard a familiar name...

Valar moved his right hand as if trying to catch it, bring yourself to air
streams from where the young couple went for a walk.

"... - No one had seen him - just heard the song, so sad, that I wanted to cry
or sit motionless, not thinking about anything else. It is true, not quite
insane - instantly hide with charms, as soon as someone tries to come - even
the Lord Celebrimbor could not catch him last autumn - said the elf."

His companion replied, so softly that Stranger realized some of the words than
actually heard them: 
"- He also wants to help ... Not only son of his brother - even egladrim
living on the coast. Your sister said that further to the south often leave
food and clothes for him on the coastal rocks."

Elf sat down at the roots of the tree, the wife sits near by... Barely
perceptible rustle said that she strokes his hair.

"- Killer ... - A muffled whisper Edel - because you know - my father died in
Havana. But I do not feel hatred - it is enough punishment."

When they left, Stranger gratefully stroked his tree and branch back up over
his head. 

* * *

Stranger heads south stubbornly clenched his sword - against the wind, not
paying attention to sand flying in the face. He did not stop to rest, when it
was dark and curious about the rays of the full moon, and kept peeping out
from behind the cloud curtain, lit up his face became like an ice mask.
Stranger listened all the time, and finally nods to himself. He again
retreated to the shade of trees, gliding from one barrel to another, asking
each of for the shelter ... 

Dune ends abruptly in a small bay between the two clusters of dead volcanic

Dark silhouette of the singer stood - as if merged with the largest stone in
ten steps from the beach. Edge of the mantle - in the water, trembling hand,
as white a wounded bird...

Stranger decide to not not come close. He sat on the wet last year's grass,
took off his shoulder leather traveling bag.
He learned the golodrim language before the Twilight King's ban. But even not
knowing singer's dialect, he would have understood what this song about:The
fate. The oath, which turned Love and Honor to hatred and shame. Voice deeper
into his soul, and lyrics were transformed into visual images. 

Stranger pulled out of the bag a small harp with no decoration or inlays. He
starts a play a melody for this song.
A dark figure on the stone did not move - only the voice fell silent, suddenly
breaking off his song. Stranger contine to play...

The rising tide. Chain of rocks almost hid the water, but the singer was not
there. He sat on a cliff next to Stranger, clasping his knees with his left
hand - right hand still hung over the body, as broken down birch branches. 

"- I saw you and heard before... Once.  You've come to kill me? "

Stranger turned to him - slowly, carefully - as if fearing that the singer
with his eyes, overwhelmed by the moon disappears. 

"- No. I do not know why I went on shore to hear about how you spoke live to
the north Edil. Perhaps this is I am mad, not you" - Stranger smiles.

Stranger squinted slightly, but not turned the watchful eyes. Calmly took from
his bag a thin white strip of cloth and a bottle of balsam. Deep, carved like
a hot sword in hand burns oozing ichor, they resembled an irregular
eight-pointed star. From the same bag and there was a jar with water, the
singer tried to take his hand away. 

- It's useless. They do not heal, and burn all the time ...
- Let me help you. This is the water of the Lake" - said Stranger, carefully
holding the hand of a singer - "if it do not help, I will lead you There.
- You were in the Waters of Awakening?
- I lived there.
- Thank you - quietly uttered a singer - but why? Why are you healed me? why?
- Not healed. Yet. In my opinion.
- You know what I mean. Why, for what? I've lost everything that was left.
When reached the goal - i has lost meaning of existence. I am a murderer!
- I swear to my family and friends, killed by you - i will revenge. But i need
justice! Not just execution. So we will fight. but later. After you will have
full strength. Not before.