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Library: Of the Valar, Rahalak


Author: rahalak
Date:Jul 29 2011

Since the first theme of the great choir of the Ainur, Rahalak drummed.
Standing against Melkor's corruption, Rahalak sought order, drumming to smooth
the syncopation Melkor brought.  Drumming to keep order, civility. And with
this piece of the music Rahalak was content.

Rahalak did not join the Valar as they entered Arda.  Yet the little known
Ainu could not remain content with his part in the music alone.  Slowly, as
Melkor's deeds in the world unwound, Rahalak grew more interested with the
world. With a special fondness for the guards of the cities, Rahalak watched
as Sauron and Melkor's other cohorts scrambled to act their part.

Fascinated in the way each side in the conflict kept a form of order, Rahalak
continued watching the events on earth unfold.  Growing especially fond of a
captain of a guard and his dutiful service, Rahalak knew it was his time to
enter and stand strong against the remnants of Melkor's corruption.

But as Rahalak finally left Eru a great time had passed and the world was no
longer as Rahalak had last viewed it.  In this new unknown portion of Arda,
Rahalak stands as a knight, to keep order and civility as stalwart as his
first drumming.  In the realms of the present age, Rahalak can be seen
battling against the remnants of Melkor's corruption dutifully.