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Library: The struggle


Author: moss
Date:Nov 15 2011

Two figures sit cross-legged on cosy looking cushions in a lushly furnished
cave. Thick silk carpets cover the floor, changing the otherwise hard and
unyielding ground into something comfortable to walk on. A complex looking
funnel system hanging above the fire pit draws smoke out of the cave, making
the atmosphere warm and pleasant.

The pair continue to stare into the crackling fire, one wearing a gray cloak
which hides everything but his hands, which he shows to the flames,
occasionally rubbing them together. The other reclines on a heap of cushions,
dressed in shamanic garb, his bent old staff not far from his grasp. The old
shaman talks of events beyond this realms ability to know, but not beyond the
shaman's abilities, for he has ways of communicating with this foreign world.
He starts his story at the beginning, to better explain how an alien world has
effected our own.

A war has raged for countless years between beings calling themselves kings,
ruling their areas of influence with varying degrees of cruelty and fear,
kindness and honour. Four brothers, Nadab, Baasah, Elah, and Zimri, banded
together to conquer their world, and conquer it they did! Each brother
accepted a portion of the conquered realm, and governed it for many years
without dispute.

Familiarity breeds contempt, and as such the long period of peace did not suit
King Nadab of Inferno. His hunger for conflict prompted suggestive whisperings
in his closest brother Baasah's ear. King Baasah of Typhoon, who is known for
changing his mind as the wind changes direction, listened readily to Nadab's
evil seeded desires. Nadab and Baasah instigated hostilities against their
elder brothers Elah, and Zimri, with the initial aim of taking their
possessions, and bringing to heel the aloof attitudes of King Elah of
Maelstrom, and King Zimri of Denali. Their aims grew to more wicked ends,
fuelled by the circumstance of war!

Great battles raged for many years, with Nadab and Baasah taking an upper hand
in the earlier parts of the war, making the most of the element of surprise.
Being the older, and wiser of all the kings, Elah was able to protect himself
and his brother Zimri from certain destruction. King Zimri, the best versed in
battle tactics, and general warfare, although slow to react to the initial
threat, soon came to bear with all his cunning on his unfortunate brothers.
Inevitably doomed to failure were Nadab and Baasah, with their short sighted
ambition. In victory Elah and Zimri showed great mercy and did not completely
crush their younger brothers. Ironically Nadab and Baasah achieved for
themselves what they wanted for their elder brothers, and were bought to heel.

No longer kings but now titled Ward Nadab of Inferno, and Ward Baasah of
Typhoon, their territories have been drastically reduced. With it their
influence and power.

The outcome of this battle has weakened Nadab and Baasah's sway over the rift
entities which are now inhabiting our world. As a result entities which
manifest themselves as fire and air become accustomed with this realms foibles
a lot faster, and now grow at an extraordinary rate.

The conversation drifts on to other topics of little import. Thus, the shamans
story comes to a smoky end as the shaman lights a roll of dried-out plant
leaves stuffed with tobacco, and proceeds to puff away contentedly. The
cloaked figure mutters something about a cave system emanating evil energy,
but that conversation is for a future time.