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Library: The coming of Manwe to Batworld


Author: manwe
Date:Sep 12 2011

The story of how Manwe the Valar came to batworld.

In the beginning of the 4th age  Manwe, king of the Valar, came to leave
middle earth and travel to the far off land of batworld.  While dreaming one
night, Manwe had a dream of a far off part of Arda.  A world called batworld,
in which many races flurished and in which the wizards were many and wise. 
There were a great number of heros who roamed this world, some good; some
evil; some who could wield the magical arts; and some were content to smash,
slash, bash, and crash their enemies with the tools of war.  He was pleased
with what he saw, and became currious about this land.  
But the next night, the dream was not as pleasant.  He saw the continent of
batworld go through a cataclism, and the people of the land relocate to five
new continents.  He wanted to travel to this land to help the people thrive on
the new continent, but he dared not leave his post overseeing middle earth.  

Years went by and every night he dreamt of the land, and of it's people.  One
of the mortal heros in particular started to  feature heavily is his dreams. 
His name was Nathanielw, but he had become known as Natw in the land, and was
an elder hero of the realm, having spent more than half his life fighting the
good fight against the monsters of the realm.  After some time Manwe became
aware that the connection between this mortal and himself was more than just
appearances in a dream.  Manwe realized that Natw was similarly aware of the
connection, and they soon were able to communicate in their dreams, and retain
the memories into the waking world.  Manwe learned more about the realm from
his new friend, and they both became enriched for the experience.  

Though he enjoyed these meetings, Manwe had almost given up on ever seeing the
land of batworld when the answer came from a sorce he had not expected.  One
of the archwizards in charge of this world passed a powerful decree.  Every
mortal in the world of batmud would be able to live a dual life.  When one was
asleep the other would live.  Manwe quickly developed a song of the Ainur; a
song that when sung by both himself and Natw their dreams would bind the two. 
The ritual was a success.  When he awoke from the dream, the longest day of
his eternal life started.  When the night finally came, and Natw fell asleep,
manwe felt himself being dragged into the other world.  He awoke in a town
called pleasantville, in a body that was his own, but felt unfamiliar.  His
power was gone, the strength in his body was that of a child, but the will of
the king of the Valar was still in his heart.  He ventured out, begining his
new life.  He sought out the forces of good in this world...

And thus was born Manwe of the Valar of Batworld.