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Library: Dragon Force


Author: bazil
Date:Nov 8 2011

The continuation of the plays done by one Bazil Broketail Bard extraordinaire

In the world of legendra zanon and his cohort of kings and queens from all
across the land have gathered to see about the oncoming doom brought by the
hand of Madruk.  It is here that we pick up our story.  Zanon says "So, you
all know why you have been summoned here.  To deal with the oncoming threat of
Madruks forces.  Now i know there is bad blood between more then one of you
here i ask that in this time of great need we have peace our all of our
kingdoms are doomed.  If you cannot do this i must ask you and all your troops
leave immediately."  Lots of coughing and shuffling as 3 generals get up and
exit the room barking out orders of leaving.  "Now that i know the rest of you
are going to stay we will get down to the business at hand" Zanon says.  Zanon
says "I have taken the liberty of having all your horses and men fed this will
be a long battle and many of you will die, but maybe just maybe we will win
this war."  Astea says "How do you expect to win against Madruk.  He has
DRAGON SPAWNS you dolt!  It takes 5 men to bring one of them down but you
expect our meager forces to take on thousands upon thousands of them?"  Zanon
exclaims "If you think doing nothing is a better idea then i must say leave
now.  For if you are not willing to die for this i have no need of you."  The
silence in the ornate room is deafening and only finally broken by the voice
of Zanon  "Now if anyone has any other questions i must say you ask them now
or hold your tongue for now we begin laying out our battle plans."

Chapter 1.
The Beginning of the end.
As day breaks there is much bustling around the village as Zanon stand on his
balcony overlooking his people.  There are carts being drawn up dragons
roaring in the distance and bartering going on.  Patricia comes in and says
"Zanon our plans are nearly at and end we shall begin the march to Fang Keep
in the hour."  Zanon says "Very well, tell King Leon i must speak to him in my
chambers."  Patricia says "As you wish."  A few minutes later King Leon
appears inthe doorway.  "Why have i been summoned zanon im preparing my dragon
riders" Leon said.  Zanon says "Well i have a special task for you and your
dragon riders Leon.  You must go into the heart of Madruk territory and make a
decisive strike at his general Lord Soth. I will not lie many of your men will
die but it is the only way you may decline but i must stress upon you the
importance of this mission."   King leon says "Me and my men will gladly do
it, I will take the necessary steps to act out this mission."  Leon bows and
leaves.  A moment later Patricia returns and tells zanon that the troops are
ready to begin the march.  Out on the field Zanon begins a speech  "Now my
followers i must ask that only those who are ready to do battle come with us
now for surely many of you will die and a great many more will be injured but
if you will stay then we begin march for the Astea's old lands now occupied by
Madruk's generald Octavia."  The noise the army makes is deafening and Zanon
knows that no one is leaving.  They begin there trek across the frigid land of
Legendra. About 20 miles from Astea's capitol city Pleasentview Zanon calls a
halt to the troops and tells them to make camp for the night.  Around the fire
that night Zanon calls his generals over to lay out the battle plan for the
next day.  Zanon says "Dinadin you and your Cavaliers shall sit over on the
hill to the west of the city waiting for my magicians to tell you to attack
Dinadin nods.  Rufus you and your Dragon Riders shall take the air and fight
all the Griffhawks that will surely be there waiti
ng for us.  I shall deal with Octavia Myself i want no one to try to interfere
for you will surely perish.  All the generals nod grimly for they know many
will not be coming back to camp tomorrow night.  As day Breaks upon the land
of Astea all you hear is fighting.  Zanon Exclaims "WHAT HAS HAPPNED". 
Patricia says "They just started attacking at daybreak sir weve lost alot of
men already"  Zanon says "Ok i must leave tell John he is in charge now". 
Patricia nods and takes off like a bolt of lightning to deliver his message. 
Zanon sighs and begins the necessary incantations to teleport himself inside
the city.  Zanon rolls his eyes and states "prtolala offf pwerrrr" A magical
portal appears from nowhere as he steps in it blinks out of exsistence behind
him.  Zanon appears in what seems to be the inside of a church.  Zanon quickly
chants ".................." which renders him invisible to the naked eye.  As
he is walking through the church he hears some noises coming from the chapel,
he gets closer to listen in.   Suddenly he is floored by the onrush of magic. 
Octavia appears and says "I have been waiting Zanon sadly now you must die
tho".  Octavia raises her sword and Yells "FOR MADRUK" and thrust it down
towards Zanon.  He quickly rolls to the side and simultaneously pulls out his
sword and swings it at Octavia who easily blocks it.  Standing up Zanon chants
"MAGESTICO EXODUS" A bolt of gleaming copper hued Magic bursts out from the
tip of his Eclisis speeding towards Octavia.  Octavia try's to quickly throw
up a shield of absorption but it is to late the magic SLAMS her into the wall
making her start to bleed from the mouth.  Octavia says "They say your magic
is matched by no one but i must say that is weak parlor tricks if that is all
you have."  Octavia says in a determined tone "NECROSIS RAISISIsisiPUTIN" 
there is a flash of magic and suddenly Zombies start spurting from the ground.
 Zanon Points Eclisis to the sky and yells "SONIC BOOM" three waves of magic
burst from around him and rush towards octavi
a obliterating all in tehre way.  The building rumbles as it starts crumbling
around them.  Ocatavia starts to cast  a spell of teleportation.  Zanon
notices the weaves of magic coming from her and starts hacking his way thru
the oncoming undead to slice her arm off.  Zanon states "They say you were
strong in the dark arts but i must say you are no match for eclisis". He then
quickly slices her head off and sucks her soul into the Eclisis.

Chapter 2.
Why does it have to be?
As the day ends there are thousands dead but it seems that the kingdom has
done what it set out to and taken control back into the city of Astea's. 
Zanon calls together all the generals he has left.  Zanon says "We fought a
hard battle today and have won albeit we have lost a great many men but we are
one step closer to winning this war.  I must stress upon you that we begin
march immediatly for Shanghai Falls for our next stop in this war."  John says
"Sir, we must rest or our men will surely drop we have been fighting for the
last 12 hours."  Zanon says "John i understand we need rest but if we dont
leave now thats more time they have to prepare for us over in Shanghai Falls
and get the Demon Spawn to show up i surely dont think you wanna fight demon
spawn this early into the fight."  John nods grimly and starts to say
something but stops himself.  Zanon says "Very well we begin the march now we
will make camp 2 miles from Shanghai Falls tell the mages to start weaving the
Dimension Doors."  Rufus nods and heads off to start the preparations.  Two
hours later one mile from Shanghai Falls they make camp for the night and you
can smell roasting chicken and deer.  Back in zanon's tent he tells Patricia
"I must say i may die tomorrow unless leon has accomplished his task.  If i do
Patricia You must let John know he is to march on Shanghai in the morning." 
Patricia says "My liege, i can not and will not do such a thing u will not die
tomorrow there is no one in Legendra that can match your power save the dark
lord himself."  Zanon says "If you are idiotic enough to think that i am
immortal then we have already failed."  Patrica says sadl "Very well my lord i
will see to it upon your expiration that john knows".   Zanon nods and tells
her to leave laying down upon his sleeping bag and fitfully lets sleep
overtake him.  Zanon awakes to patricia telling him that everything is in
order for the battle ahead.  Zanon awakes groggily and says "Ok tell John ill
be there shortly"  A minute later Zanon emerges from his tent 
clipping his belt to his side he suddenly grabs his head and hears this. 
The ringing in his ears stops as he drops to the floor and Patricia runs to
his aid chanting "Judicandus Mercuree".  Zanon stands and grabs her hand then
says "Stop, I am fine i just got a message from the dark lord"  Patricia
gasps.  Zanon says "He say we have one hour to leave or we all die.  I say we
attack now then as he surely has nothing here."  John says "Very well my lord
we will begin the attack now" You hear yelling and order being shouted out as
the army begins its charge upon Shanghai Falls.  As they approach the wall the
gates open and thousands of dragon spawn pour onto the field.   You can sense
the magic in the air as hundreds of fireballs smash into the dragon spawn
igniting everything in their path.  Zanon says "Rufus i require a dragon to
get inside and deal with whatever is making all these spawn"  Rufus nods takes
off his own dragon gauntlet and hands it to him saying "Here sir take my
dragon there is no better in all the land may he serve you well".  Going over
to the dragon Zanon put on the gauntlet mounts the dragon and kick his heels
into its side taking flight above the battle below.   Scanning the city Zanon
spots what he's looking for Baal in deep chant every few seconds 20 or more
dragon spawn appearing at his side running into battle.  Zanon makes a hard
dive straight for Baal jumping off at the last second only to hit a wall of
invisible force hard enough to kill lesser men.  Falling to the ground he
grunts and quickly casts a spell of healing only to be grabbed by the talons
of the dragon spawn around him.  He stands up and quickly throws them off of
him and pulls out his sword and cuts the invisble barr
ier and snaps Baal out of his trance like state.  Who exclaims "WHO DARES
INTERRUPT MY SPELL WEAVING".  Zanon quickly makes a lunge for Baal who
sidesteps and grabs Zanon by the throat choking the life out of him.  Baal
laughs demonically and says "Silly fool Zanon you come in here by yourself and
try to kill me surely you an idiot for i have the power of the dark lord
behind me"  Zanon's face turning red holds up his sword and clouds start
forming above him and lightning strikes at baal who releases his grip and
throws up a spell of defence a split second before the bolt strikes him. 
Zanon stands up and says "Baal your reign of terror has ended we shall see who
wins".  Still struggling to breath Zanon starts his sword combat by thrusting
for baals face who barely parries it with his sword. This goes on for hours
until finally Zanon finally gets a lucky blow upon Baals sword knocking it
from his hand.  Zanon says "Now Baal will you plead for your life or will you
die like a man"  Baal says nothing Zanon thrust his sword thru the neck of
Baal black blood spurting everywhere as the life fades from his eyes.  Zanon
U HAVE TO SAY".  Nothing but silence ensues as Zanon drops to the ground
exhausted.  Minutes later the fighting outside stops as all the dragon spawn
are dead and patricia comes to Zanon's aid.  Patricia says "Zanon i see you
have won against Baal please come with me we haven't much time our scouts have
said they have Spotted Madruk and his legions of demon spawn on his way here
they will be here within 12 hours time."  Zanon out of breath says "So it
seems the final battle will commence today".
Chapter 3.
The end of all things to come.
Night time breaks upon the land as the people men laying wounded and many many
magicians trying to heal all that they can.   Patricia emerges and says "My
lord the time has come he is one hour away"  Zanon nods sadly "Rally the
troops for i must speak before this fight".  Patricia says "Yes i will see to
it immediately."  A few minutes later in front of the thounsands of troops
Zanon says "Today will be a test of the human race".  Zanon says "For today we
will either perish or prevail which i know not we have come a long way and
still have a ways to go."  "However we have the means to win we can not and
will not let this city fall to the hands of Madruk."  "So all i have to say is
FOR LEGENDRA!!!".  Cheering and shouting ensues shaking the very foundations
of the city as fireballs leap in and start the city on fire.  Zanon yells
"THERE HERE TO ARMS!!!".   All hell breaks loose as people run this way and
that trying to dodge the fire.  Zanon calmly strides over to Rufus's dragon
and mounts it.  He says "Patricia i must ask you dont follow me for i am going
to die today but in it i might hope to defeat Dark lord Madruk. For you know
what i am going to do and again i must say dont try to save me it is the only
way.  Patricia bursts into tears and starts to hug him.  Zanon quickly pushes
her back and says "I leave now ill never forget you commitment to me.  May
peace go upon this land."  he kicks his heels and flies up into the sky
leaving her behind.  Flying through the air Zanon spots his target Dark Lord
Madruk.  Madruk quickly takes flight and the battle that begins in the air
would level city's.  After awhile Madruk's dragon gets a tears the wing off of
his dragon and Zanon Plummets towards the earth like a stone falling from the
sky.   Madruk darts down trying to beat him to the ground lands and starts
chanting a spell of great magnitude.  Zanon hits the ground with a dull THUD 
gasping for breath he tries to block the spell of madruk but fails and is
almost destroyed from the impact.  Madruk walks up to him an
d cackles and says "So Zanon your mighty Eclisis has failed you i must admit i
thought it held more power then it does."  Suddenly the sword starts eminating
a bright white light and suddenly stops.  Madruk laughs "Is that it?  i
thought something might happen". Before he can finish his last word the
surrondings burst into light engulfing everything around them Zanon and Madruk
are transported to some other dimension.  Zanon now floating says "Madruk your
reign of terror has is about to be at an end.  For i have the power to kill
you.  You will no longer threaten the lands of Legendra I BANISH THEE!!."  as
Zanon swings his blade at Madruk the bright light goes dark black and slices
Madruk clean in half.  With his last dying breath Madruk says "It.....can't
end like this my..... forces will still win....this is not the end." and stops
breathing.  Eclisis slowly fades them back into reality and breaks in half its
power spent.  Zanon falls to the ground seemingly in a coma his power drained
from him barely alive.  It seems as tho the battle goes on for days and
eventually with the other generals from the lands showing up the tide seems to
change to the favor of the humans.  However some manage to flee and go into
the forests and mountains and swamps.  A peace falls over the lands of
legendra for they have all lost alot.  Zanon is made King of Legendra which he
doesnt want to be but has no choice.  On his day of coranation Madruk's last
generals and some dragon spawn show up to show their allegiance to the crown
of Zanon he quickly orders them to be put to death.  Zanon gets word of dragon
spawn popping up all over the world and knows then that his task is not at an
end but at least they have a fighthing chance now.