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Library: Red skies, White ships


Author: akallabeth
Date:Nov 12 2011

The sky burnds red, as red as the bloody waterss of the harbour we set sail
from. The city is burning, everything is burning. We are the last ship that
leaves the doomed city behind. She is a cumbersome old vessel, but I pray to
the gods that she is fast enough to outrun the few enemy vessels that have
still remained at sea.
I can't really believe that it has only been four days since the enemy army
was first spotted, four short days filled with fear and blood. There was no
warning, no discussion for terms of surrender. Just a swift and brutal assault
that we were barely able to keep outside our city walls while the small
ramshackle fleet was assembled to ferry the women and children away, and
offcourse skeleton crews of sailors to man the ships.
We made it to the sea, but I don't think we are still safe for the sea herself
is in a terrible turmoil. She trashes us about and throws us around, like an
angry lover who is not sure if she loves us more than she hates us. But even
though our old lady is maybe not the fastest or most decorated ship in the
seas, she is sturdy and I believe she will see us safely through all of this.

It has been three days since we set sail from our doomed home and still the
skies run red, like all the blood spilled in middle-earth has been gathered to
the heavens and is now colouring the clouds. Maybe it had been too long since
the last war, maybe it was time to remind us all that peace will not last long
as long as He sits on the throne. I'm just a simple merchantman sailor and not
very used to such deep thoughts, and most of the time I don't even care all
that much. I do have to wonder though, that where does this hatred come from?
Why do the elves hate Him so much and why does he hate and fear them so? And
why the hell do we have be in the middle of all of it?

We were poorly stacked when we fleed from the city and it has been now two
days with no food and very meagre rations of water, the little food we have is
given to the children and the pregnant mothers on board. We are all tired, and
I don't even know where we are anymore, I don't know does anyone.

Day ? dawn, white sails in the horizon, white ships. We are saved, atleast I
hope so. Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as those ships?