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Library: Dodge is a Many-Splendored Skill.


Author: Rocket
Date:Aug 29 2002

One beautiful autumn day on Batmud, a drow mage, satyr cleric and giant
ranger happened upon one another in one of the many FINE BatMUD drinking
establishments.  The drow and satyr, mismatched though they were, were
actually friends, and were looking for an adventuring companion.  When 
they spotted the young giant entering the pub, they watched as he sidled
up to the bar, and immediately joined him.

The drow mage bought the giant several of the house specials, and went 
to work on convincing the youngster to join them in their adventures.  
After a mere 6 or 7 brews, the giant finally agreed.  The drow quickly 
ordered 3 full pots of coffee to sober up the giant as quickly as 
possible, and the three of them left the bar in Shadowkeep together, 
anxious to get their adventures started.

Shortly after leaving Shadowkeep, the three of them stumbled upon what 
looked like an abandoned monastery.  Upon entering it, they discovered 
several tinmen there studying how things work.  This is where the 
bloodbath ensued.  Our three adventurers did not bother to talk to any 
of these tinmen or find out more about why they were in this monastery.  
All they did was commence wreckless bloodshed; tinman after tinman, 
death after death, until the monastery was completely silent.

Amid all of this chaos, the satyr cleric noticed something.  During
combat, their young giant friend did not seem to attempt to get out
of the way of the blows that were being delt to him.  Instead, he would
simply stand there, the knucklehead, and take every punch right in the
stomach.  For now, the satyr kept his mouth shut, as he was too busy
doing his cleric duties and attempting to keep the poor giant alive.

The three adventurers remained in the monastery to gloat their prowess
for a short while after the bloodshed ended, and slowly but surely they
noticed the silence around them ceasing.  Clanging of pots in the 
kitchen started again, metallic clucking coming from the tree in the 
garden.  The tinmen seemed to come back to life around them!

Not one to shy away from combat, the drow mage led his friends around
monastery and waged battle on all of the tinmen.  Again.  Finally
satisfied that the tinmen were indeed dead, our three adventurers left
the monastery and headed down the east coast of the continent.  They
happened upon the port city of Donaru.

Upon first entering the gates to the city, the giant, satyr and drow 
encountered a group of about five or six guards.  Untrue to his cleric
beliefs, the satyr shouted 'KILL!!!'  The mage cast an area effect 
spell, severely hurting the guards, but it was not enough.  The 6 guards
attacked with such a vengeance, that the young giant ranger died 
almost instantaneously once the guards jumped into the fray.

The mage and cleric left the scene, finding somewhere safe for the cleric
to rescue their giant friend from eternal damnation and hell.  The satyr
prayed to Tarmalen and resurrected the giant from hell.  As the mage and
cleric set out to cast every protective spell they had upon the ranger,
he asked 'So, what skills should I be training with all of this experience
I am making?'

The mage asked, 'What have you trained dodge to?'

The ranger replied, 'Dodge?  Is that an important skill?'

The satyr cleric looked on in alarm.  The mage looked incredulous.

The mage went on to explain to the young ranger exactly what the word 
'dodge' meant.  Learning how to do it would mean that he wouldnt stand
in combat and get repeatedly punched in the face, as the satyr had 
noticed earlier.  The giant filed all of this great information away,
and when it came time to visit his guild, he became MUCH wiser in the
ways of dodging attacks.

Eventually, after visiting many other lands, and having many other
experiences, these three adventurers split up and went their separate
ways.  Possibly to rest and prepare for more adventurers.  Possibly
just to get drunk or find women.  We will never know for sure.

Two days later, the giant and the satyr ran into each other in the 
Shadowkeep marketplace.  They greeted one another and the giant thanked
the satyr for the advice from nights previous.  

The giant shared, 'Learning how to dodge has meant that I die a lot 
less!  I'm so glad I've trained it, now!'

The moral of this story:  Always, ALWAYS max dodge!