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Library: Journey to Eternity


Author: niser
Date:Nov 12 2011

An old weathered man stood a top a high precipice overlooking the vastness of
the world below. The warm spring air had turned a deadly cold, and ominous
black clouds envelope the sky like a hungry predator devouring its prey. His
view was now of darkness. A darkness that bread and lived throughout his soul.
The emptiness that enveloped and surrounded his very existence drove him to
partake in the sacred journey.  Many had tried and many had failed. It was all
the same for him, but the mortal death was simply a formality in the endless
existence of our sacred realm. 

This was the moment he had strived endless years for, the right to call
himself "Immortal". And now, having explored and defeated many of the
sanctified areas, this aged man has taken his place on the mountain of
Eternity. He was one, one like others in the past who have dealt themselves
the right to partake in this consecrated crossing.

A bolt of supernatural lightning exploded from the darkened sky. His hair was
long and dark
his face aged from the harsh elements of ago. He stood wearing
a thick black shadowy cape which hung inches from the surface of the ledge.
His legs were covered in delicately tanned lambskins fastened at the waist by
a black skull belt. His fingers contained rings of silver and gold inlaid with
perfectly cut jems. Wielded in one hand was a shield made of flawless diamond.
In the other, a deadly razor-sharp two handed sword.  Blue boots having a
small lightning bolt imprinted on the side protected his feet. Surrounding his
torso was a plate that had been burnt and blackened by fire. The only aspect
of him out of place were the eyes. They were alive with fire, seeming capable
of lashing out at any given moment. The wind began to pick up and another
streak of lightning flashed, followed by a deafening clap of thunder. He was
drawing near. "Finally!" It had been a long wait, but he knew the other would
return. There had to be one final confrontation before he could seize total
control of this last great world once and for all, Rechendak, the

The battle would take place on a world much different from this one, which
stood towering in the clouds above the great realm of Lor. But before
embarking on this adventure, much preparation would be needed.  For this
adventure he would need the help from his peers.  He called upon three of his
closest friends from the brotherhood of wizardry who were highly mastered in
magical arts.  He also summoned a humble druid and follower of tarmalen who he
trusted his life with.  To complete this assembly of fearless adventurers, he
stood beside a strong, fearless lad with great constitution, a fellow comrade
from the crimson brigade.       

Now ready for battle, we traveled to the clouds of this great realm of Lor. 
Here the The Spirit of Corandell, the Emerald Mage stood next to the Well of 
Many Worlds. This was the entrance to Rechendak's lair, but there seemed to be
no way out except for the way in which we came.  I asked the spirit about
Rechendak for which she replied:

     "The giants were once very peaceful, but Rechendak corrupted them and
turned them into his war soldiers.  Rechendak deserves to be punished!";
I could not help myself from being drawn to the aura of the Well of
Many;Worlds, so I inquired the spirit about the significance of it.  She
"When the Well and the Worlds were first created, the giants were a very
peaceful group.  Then, during a time of my absence, an evil force appeared. 
This force goes by the name of Rechendak, the Elementalist.  Rechendak
transformed my peaceful giants into war machines to serve his purpose.  He
gave the leader of each race a piece of metal for the well cover.  Rechendak
still exists, he lives in the clouds above here.  You can only get to him in
one way.";
With this information we knew we must go and seek out the kings of their
given;domains.   First, we traveled to a castle that was made entirely of ice.
 Here;we battled frost giants relentlessly until defeating the king.  From
here we;journeyed far south to the steaming caverns.  Again, here we defeated
fire;giant after fire giant until slaying its king.  Finally we hiked through
the;hills to confront yet again more giants and defeat the king of the
hills.;With the pieces of metal from each of the leaders we traveled back to
the;clouds above the realm of Lor.  This enabled us to open a door in the
clouds;leading to Rechendak.;
Determined not to give up, we entered the clouds and confronted Rechendak,
the;Elementalist, Lord of the Cloud and the Giants.  I lunged forward, lashing
out;with my blade. Steel clashed against steel sending out an explosion of
sparks.;Rechendak yelled, "You'll have to do better than that!" through the
shriek of
the wind. Mages cast spell after spell with their fingertips being surrounded
with swirling ENERGY.  This battle must have gone on for what seemed to be an
eternity.  This battle was very taxing but in the end Rechendak had fallen to
the band of determined adventurers.

Having fulfilled his final voyage, the old weathered man returned to the high
precipice overlooking the vastness of the world below. Again ominous black
clouds enveloped the sky and flashes of supernatural lightning radiated
through followed by deafening thunder.  For now he knew the time had come to
make the crossing, so he began the ritual.  The lightning intensified in the
sky and the black clouds began to move at a frightful pace.  To his amazement,
the sky seemed to bleed white as a shower of falling stars slammed to the
ground.  Then suddenly a mangled face appeared in the sky, for now he new the
time was near.  His heart pounding and muscles tensed, a white figure on a
golden dragon appeared through the ominous black clouds and was headed for the
man. Supernatural lightning appeared again and again..and in this exact moment
of time this once man is now an immortee, and he is then carried away on a
golden chariot pulled by thirteen multicolored bats, thus completing the
sacred journey into immortality.