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Library: Language Filter (zMUD 4.62)


Author: chaste
Date:Jan 25 2012

* * *  BLACKOUT  * * *

The following is a simple language filter, designed for zMUD (4.62).

For anyone using Zmud, it is a simple matter to screen out offending language.
1) select Triggers.
2) select New
3) under Class, enter:  blackout
4) under Pattern, enter:  {fuck|shit}
5) under Command, enter:  #CW 0

Now offending words listed in the Pattern section will be blacked out.

Additional words can be added to the filter. For example, to add the word
'sex', you could change the Pattern section to {fuck|shit|sex}

Note that this assumes you are using the default black background. If you are
using white you should change  '#CW 0'  to  '#CW 15'.

Note also that if you are viewing an object such as 'a Shitake mushroom', you
will see 'a     ake mushroom'. However, if you select the text with with your
mouse (click drag to select), the entire word will appear. This can be useful
for viewing and copying blacked out text.

No language filter can ever be 100% effective, however this basic filter can
greatly reduce what you are exposed to.