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Library: Merry Friends, Valar and Hobbit.


Author: miger
Date:Feb 2 2012

Within the mind of Ilúvatar, Miger the Valar was born. He was a fine Valar,
Son of Lórien and Estë. 
He possessed the mystical powers of the plant-kingdom and was considered as a
good-hearted healer. 
After he completed his training, he quickly learned the Way of the Humans and
Elves and travelled to the world of Middle-Earth.
He befriended a peculiar looking hobbit named Merri and they spent a lot of
time together. 
As Miger and Merri had no common language, Miger used his power of mental

During the first day of summer when dawn broke, Miger and Merri we're sitting
on a lake near the Shire. The sun was shining brightly and the summer was at
it's most beautiful state, when Miger and Merri had this conversation:

"Hey Miger, you are an Immortal being. What can you say about it all?" - Merri
Miger raised his eyebrows and took a deep breath and said: "Oh
Merri..Words..are mere clothes for the truth and they cannot describe what i
have to say, but these mushrooms will show you the way."

"Mushrooms? How can mushrooms tell me anything?" - Merri asked confusedly.

"The same way you can hear me. They speak to you in your head. It is a
communion of two entities. A symbiosis, if you will." -Miger replied. 

Miger reached into his pocket and grabbed a brownish cloth pouch. He opened
the pouch and said to Merri: "Hold out your hands. These are powerful entities
that originate from Eru, as do all things alive and inanimate alike. They are
blessed by Lórien, Master of Visions and Dreams."

Merri held his hands in a cup and Miger empties the contents of the pouch into
Merri's hands. The mushrooms looked brownish with a golden hue. They we're not
bigger than Elanor flowers and had an earthy smell to them. 

Miger boomed: "These are the power, and the pain. You must eat them in pairs."
Merri ate all the mushrooms and drank some water from the lake. The taste was
so odd, he almost threw up but managed to regain his composure.
The birds sang a beautiful tune of ancient times, and Miger soon joined the
choir. He sang protective songs of Ilúvatar. The singing sounded like a a
multitude of angels singing in unison.
Merri was so amazed by Miger's voice that he didn't notice time passing. 

Suddenly, Merri startled a bit and stood up frightenedly.
"Miger!" -he said. 
"I'm having this weird sensation of forces pulling my body apart! I don't want
to die."

Miger paused his singing for a moment and took Merri by the hand. He looked
deep inside Merri's eyes, smiled and said "There is no Death. Life is just a
Dream and we are the imagination of ourselves." 
Merri relaxed and sat down on the grass again and Miger continued singing the

Merri closed his eyes and saw flashes of colours and geometrical shapes
swirling before his closed eyelids. Grand lanscapes of the Isle of Almaren
appeared into his vision. 
He flew over the Great Lake and green grassy plains. Merri saw the wedding of
Tulkas and Nessa taking place, and the Destruction of Almaren. 
The visions also included Melkor turning into darkness and becoming Morgoth.
Merri felt the cold grip of evil in his soul and started to scream.

Miger had stopped his singing and was sitting next to Merri. He touched
Merri's nose and uttered: "Lórien, Master of Visions, What matters not, is
Shame and Fame. Guide this lost soul to the light again."

Suddenly Merri opened his eyes and started crying. 
"It felt all so real...the visions...i cannot bear this sadness."

"There there" - Miger comforted Merri. "The world is not made of good and bad
things..Things just happen. And whenever something old dies, new is born." he

"What am i supposed to do with this knowledge. Will it stay with me? I feel
that before i had one question, and now i have a thousandfold!" - Merri cried

Miger stood up and took a leaf from the Shire's Party Tree and said: "The
visions you saw are the same images I must face everyday. I can see them all
the time. That is the way of Immortals.. we are constantly haunted by
Then he gave the leaf to Merri and told him to eat it. Merri ate the leaf and
instantly felt at ease again..The visions we're over and Merri was bursting
with joy of this newfound knowledge and experience. 

The time passed so fluently that the Sun was bending behind the fields of
grass, yet it was still warm. They walked among the Pipe-weed fields for a
while and headed back to the Shire's center, where there was a big party in
honour of the First day of Summer. 

The next day Merri had forgotten most of his visions and was able to live a
live of a simple hobbit again, but now appreciating everything more than