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Library: Siha (I)


Author: merja
Date:Feb 5 2012

Siha, the Friend
I followed heedless dreams of happiness,
and got no even tenour to my mind

Built for the Beloved Friend,
a garden soft, green, and resplendent find
did He say to whom we spoke
in softened tones, by the fountain?

In Sirrah's ear did He spare
the last one left of the deathless Dear
Hope bespoke of clearing smokey air,
the mind bent spine in prayer.

Jasmine plain and clean and pure
burning clear we saw it there
flame invoke the Chant of Dawn
rush the brush of calm and live on.

water, O life water filtering all, He did call
to former moments fleeting and gone past
memories did not cry and did not last
O, Unseen Friend, find my heart, do not part!